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9 Signs You Are a Cloth Diaper Addict


9 Signs You Are a Cloth Diaper Addict

Cloth diapers are delightful little pouches of fluff that envelops our baby’s bottoms in comfort. Not only are they soft and comfortable, but they are also environmentally and budget-friendly. While cloth diapers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak, once you try them out on your baby it is likely that you will become a cloth diaper addict.

How will you know that you have developed a deep love for these washable diapers? We have gathered 9 signs you are a cloth diaper addict. You may connect with one of these signs or all of these signs and we hope that if you aren’t an addict yet, that you will be one soon because we LOVE cloth diapers.

#1 You Are on Every Cloth Diaper Group on Facebook

Social media has a lot of group options for almost anything you can imagine. It is now really easy to connect with people that have common interests all over the world. It is also now easy to buy diapers from other cloth diaper enthusiasts even when they live far away from you.

You are definitely a cloth diaper addict if you are on every cloth diaper Facebook group you can find. You will be on information groups, sales groups, groups that are just for people that love washable diapers.

If you are an addict you will also be a follower of cloth diaper stores and blogs. The sky is the limit on the internet right now.

#2 You Have a Mini Cloth Diaper on Your Key Ring

Mom With Diaper Keychain 1
Have you seen these? (see them here) They are teeny tiny cloth diapers complete with velcro or snaps that are an actual key chain that you adorn your keys with. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that you are serious about your cloth diapers with one (or five) of these swinging from your car’s ignition.

There are other novelty items that diaper addicts may have in addition to the tiny diaper key chains. Car decals, t-shirts, baby onesies, and coffee cups are some of my all-time favorites.

Basically you are definitely a cloth diaper addict if you have cloth diaper swag.

#3 It is No Big Deal For Your Babies Clothes to Match the Diapers

Do you buy diapers to match your baby’s clothes? If they have a diaper for every shirt or dress they own then you are for sure an addict. You may be an even bigger addict if the diapers match YOUR clothes.

Coordinating clothing for mother and child is very trendy right now and there is nothing odd about having matching shirts or dresses. However, when you match your mother’s day dress to your favorite cloth diaper, then you are a cloth diaper addict.

Having difficulty finding clothes to fit over your baby cloth diapers? Your in luck, we have just the article for you “Clothes That Fir Over Cloth Diapers.” Be sure to check it out!

#4 You Could Go Weeks Without Washing Diapers (Please Don’t Though)

Typically addicts have an incredibly large diaper stash that is always growing. New diapers are always showing up in the mail.

If your diaper stash is so big and stocked that you could literally go weeks without washing diapers and not run out of clean diapers, then you are 100% a cloth diaper addict.

*Disclaimer: we do not in any way recommend you go weeks without washing diapers. It isn’t good for the diapers and we guarantee they will be very smelly.

#5 You Have a Cloth Diaper Budget that Rivals The Grocery Budget

Cloth diapers are budget and environmentally friendly. An addict will not just stop with the original diaper purchase. They will have a monthly budget for cloth diapers and it will be large.

Think grocery budget for a large family. Depending on how deep in you are, it may be bigger. No judgment here, we are right there with you. We need a budget for diapers in case the pattern we have been waiting for is finally released.

#6 You can’t Wait for The New Patterns to Come Out

Speaking of new patterns, that is our next sign that you are a cloth diaper addict. You actually wait, and maybe even mark on your calendar, when the new seasons’ patterns will be released and you are ready to buy.

You even know when there are limited quantity patterns coming out or special editions and vow that they will become a part of your stash immediately.

#7 You Detash and Still Have Too Many Diapers

Anyone who has been in the cloth diaper game long will know exactly what a destash is. This is when the cloth diaper mama cleans out the diaper hoard because she is either done diapering, or she wants to make money to buy new diapers.

If you destash your diapers and you still have WAY too many diapers to fit in your diaper space then you are definitely a cloth diaper addict.

#8 You Have a Wetbag to Match Your Diaper Bag, Purse, Shoes, and Baby Diapers

When a wet bag becomes an accessory that needs to be coordinated with your purse, shoes, baby diapers, and a diaper bag that may be a sign that you really love cloth diapers a whole lot.

You will also have every size of wet bag available in various patterns and colors. A wet bag may adorn every room of your house just in case you change a diaper there. A diaper addict’s enthusiasm for wet bags will be comparable to their enthusiasm for the actual diapers.

#9 You Strike Up Diaper Conversations with Strangers When You See Their Baby in Fluff.

Striking up conversations with complete strangers because you see that their baby also wears cloth diapers is nothing unusual to you. It also isn’t unusual for the stranger you are talking to. They are more than happy to talk to you about the fluff their baby is wearing.

The pros and cons, how much you love them, your favorite way to wash them, the new pattern you just got are all topics of conversation when you meet another cloth diaper mama.

So, how many did you score? Tell us in the comments or share your own “cloth diaper addict” story!