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You Won’t Believe This New Use For My Diaper Sprayer

For those of you who are curious to see the cloth diaper sprayer I currently use, here’s a peek –> (see it here)

There was no getting around it; I had to do one of my least favorite chores the other morning. I tried to talk myself out of it, but in reality, it just needed to be done. So I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed my cleaning supplies and undertook the dreadful task. What dreaded cleaning task did I take on? I cleaned my shower.

A New Use For My Cloth Diaper Sprayer!

New Use For Cloth Diaper Sprayer Cleaning My Shower

Cleaning The Shower

I am never sure why cleaning the shower is such a dreaded task. It does not take all that long, and it is not a hard task. I think I just build it up in my mind as harder than it is and cause myself needless dread. Nevertheless, this particular shower cleaning gave me an opportunity to try out a new use for my diaper sprayer that my dear husband recently suggested.
New Use For Cloth Diaper Sprayer Natural Cleaning

Natural Ingredients

Let me first begin by explaining the method that I use to clean my shower. I have long disliked harsh chemicals, so I try to use natural ingredients for cleaning. Thus, to clean my shower, I use exactly three things: an old rag, a cup full of baking soda, and a cup full of white vinegar. I begin my shower cleaning process by sprinkling baking soda followed by vinegar on areas that appear to need a lot of clean. Then, I proceed to wipe down the shower walls with a rag that has a generous helping of both baking soda and vinegar. As I am cleaning the walls, I stop to give extra attention to any problem areas.
New Use For Diaper Sprayer Cup Water


Once the entire shower has been thoroughly scrubbed, I rinse the baking soda and vinegar residue off the walls. In the past, I have employed two different methods for rinsing the walls of my newly clean shower. Years ago, I used to fill a plastic cup with hot water and hold it against the top of the shower wall and let the water run down to rinse. This was effective, but it took a lot of work. More recently, I have been pointing the showerhead at the walls and letting it rinse the walls. This was an okay method, but since my showerhead is not detachable, parts of the shower wall would be missed.
My Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Diaper Sprayer To The Rescue

Consequently, I was complaining about these problems to my husband a while back and he suggested that I use my diaper sprayer to rinse off the walls. After thoroughly cleaning the shower with baking soda and vinegar, I pulled out my diaper sprayer. I was skeptical that this would work and first, but to my surprise, it worked wonderfully! The pressure from the sprayer very quickly rinsed the baking soda/vinegar off the walls. As an added benefit, the burst of pressure even cleaned off some built-up grime that even scrubbing seemed to have missed.

Therefore, I have found that in addition to being an excellent method for removing soiling from Jocelyn’s diapers, my diaper sprayer is an excellent cleaning utility for my shower!

What is your most dreaded chore? Have you recently found a new way to make this chore easier?