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About Your Cloth Diaper & Tammy

Hello and welcome to my Blog! My name is Tammy OHagan, I am a writer, travel enthusiast and a mother of four children who were all cloth diapered. My youngest just turned 17. I also have grandchildren who are currently being cloth diapered. I am really passionate about helping others.

So why a website?
I just love the whole cloth diaper subculture that is out there. While my babies were still in diapers, I would look at online diaper stores for hours.

My family has tried all of the products that we review but, your child is shaped differently and has a different ‘output’ than my kids. I do lots of investigating before deciding that a product deserves valuable space on my website. Then you get as much information as I can come up with about a product so you can decide if it is right for you.

I hope you will find useful information here!


  1. hi there… i was AB long before i was injured, and now have to wear diapers like it or not… because of the expense of good quality disposables i have moved to cloth diapers: i was grievously burned in a house fire and now have to drink large quantity of water daily because i am unable to sweat now through 80% of my body, a bad combination with total bladder incontence, together with an inability to change myself… so i am using two thick prefolds that i had made for me at night… problem is finding a diaper cover that covers right up the back and contains the thickeness around the legs: i am looking for a diaper cover with gussets… i am a 44″ waist and then add thick diapers. Could you make something for me, or do you know someone who would? I don’t mind spending a reasonable amount for good quality but i have already spent good money for stuff that didn’t work. I am in Canada (not far from Toronto)

    • Eljay,

      I personally don’t make cloth diapers however I’m sure I can help you find someone who does. When you say “right up the back”… how far up the back are you wanting? Let me know and then I will do some research and hopefully find you someone who can make you what you need.


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