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All In Two Cloth Diaper Brands

When I was shopping for my first All In Two Cloth Diaper (like this one) I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a lot of choices! I wonder how many All In Two Cloth Diaper Brands there are?” This was only the first of many questions I had about this diaper, so I went on a quest to find out all I could about them. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to know everything I can about a product before I decide if it’s right for me and my family. What follows are the answers I found to my many questions about the All-In-Two Cloth Diaper Brands plus a few extra questions I found myself asking along the way:

All In Two Cloth Diaper Brands?

Alva Baby, AnAnBaby, AppleCheeks, Best Bottoms, EcoAble Baby, Flip, Funky Fluff Stay-Dry, GroVia, HappyEndings, Imagine, Lil Helper, Ohbabyka, RagaBabe 2-Step, SimpleSnug,  SoftBums Echo, Thirsties, Wizard Duo from Motherease

There are so many more than this, I am simply giving you a small sample of the ones I found. I’m sure there are a lot more out there. If you know of a brand that’s not listed, that makes an All In Two Cloth Diaper, please let me know in the comments below. 

There were so many different ones that I was feeling rather overwhelmed by all of the lingo and choices! I did a little more researching, asking fellow cloth diaper mama’s and reading lots of message boards. After an afternoon of reading and watching a ton of videos from manufacturers, I finally walked away feeling like I could make an educated choice. I don’t know about you, but money in our household is tight, so if I’m going to put money into this kind of investment, I want to be sure it’s something I’m going to be happy with! Below are some of the things that I found out about all in two cloth diapers. I’d like to pass this along to others, I hope it is helpful.

What Makes The All In Two Cloth Diaper Different From Other Cloth Diapers?


  • As the name suggests, it is a two-part cloth diaper system.
  • Constructed of a waterproof outer shell with a detachable insert.
  • Inserts (for absorbency) usually snap in or simply put inside the cover.
  • A soiled insert can be changed out and the cover can be reused most of the time.
  • Super easy to add different or extra inserts for heavy wetters or nighttime use.
  • Not as bulky as an All In One (AIO) or Pocket Diapers.


All In Two vs Pocket Diapers vs All In One


  • AIO = All in One.  Most often they are as their name states, all you need in 1 diaper.  A few have snap in inserts and a few called Pocket AIOs are AIOs with a pocket … both of these styles allow you to add extra absorbency but only the pocket AIO requires extra inserts. These are not TRUE AIO’s, these are hybrid AIO’s! Some complain that AIOs take too long to dry, but that is only true for certain materials.  If an AIO is made from the right material it will dry quickly. A true all in one is all one piece. The baby wears it, it gets dirty, you have to wash the whole thing. Check out my post “MooMoo Baby Adjustable All-in-Ones Review!”
  • AI2= All in Two, there is an outer part and a snap in a layer.  With these, you can often change the snap-in layer and reuse the shell.
  • Pocket diapers must have inserts as the inserts are the part that absorbs. How fast the inserts dry depends on what those inserts are made out of AND you must make sure that you unstuff them before washing.


All In Two Cloth Diaper Cost

Due to the fact that all in two cloth diapers have an outer shell along with multiple inserts, the shell gets reused and (generally) only the inserts need to be washed after each soiling. It’s because of this design that, in general, all in two cloth diapers tend to be a more frugal option than all-in-ones. Why? Well, simply put inserts are much cheaper than shells. You will save money by not having to have a large stash of shells, but instead, you will purchase more inserts.

How Many All In Two Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

The lady at my baby playgroup said she uses all in two cloth diapers exclusively and she started with 24 inserts and 8 shells. Newborns do however go through a lot of diapers, so in my humble opinion, I’d stock up on some of those cheapy Chinese prefolds to use as your inserts!


I have decided to get a few and try them. I like the idea that the all in two cloth diapers are not as bulky as the AIO’s or the pocket.  I also like knowing that the all in two cloth diaper brands are the same ones I have come to reply and trust with my other cloth diaper systems.

I’ll let you know how they work for me. I’m sure after reading rave review, after rave review.. that these will be a great addition to my cloth diaper stash!