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AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper with Super Absorbent Bamboo Inserts!

Applecheeks Cloth Diaper Review

In my search for more microfleece diapers or natural fiber diapers, I ran across Applecheeks cloth diapers! (available here) I’d heard about them before, but I’d never given them a try, as we had previously been completely set on diapers.

Applecheeks Cloth Diapers Bamboo Inserts

I think my favorite part of the Applecheeks cloth diaper system is their super-crazy absorbent bamboo inserts! (found here) The insert is a huge sheet of bamboo viscose that you can fold into whichever shape works best for you. We trifold ours and put the majority up in the front. The wide envelope style opening of the diaper helps the insert shake itself out in the wash – no touching necessary! The envelope is right in the middle of the diaper, which I was concerned about at first, but seeing how easy they come out in the wash, I don’t have to touch anything!
Applecheeks Review 2

Poop Comes Right Off

My favorite thing about microfleece, I think? Poop just comes right off of it. Just sayin’.
Here are some more action shots of this diaper. I love the double rows of snaps and extra bunchy elastic!
Applecheeks Review 4

Applecheeks Sizes

AppleCheeks envelope diaper covers are available in 4 sizes that fit babies from 7-100+ pounds. The size 2 fits my 30 pound, 33 inches, 16 month old perfectly!

Size Fits
Size 1 7-20 lbs.
Size 2 16-35+ lbs.
Size 3 30-65+ lbs.
Size 4 60-100+ lbs.


Applecheeks Irrelephant and Parade

Applecheeks came out with an Irrelephant and Parade cloth diaper collection back in May of 2015. I was fortunate enough to find the Irrelephant on Poshmark. You can keep checking this cloth diaper page to see if they become available again. I must admit, this design is one of my top 10 favorites!
Applecheeks Irrelephant
These sweet Elephant prints have little mama elephants and baby hugging one another by the trunk…so super sweet! It’s so exciting to open a box of these adorable prints and find such sweetness inside! The indian-inspired elephants are just perfect for these Applecheeks!
The Applecheeks Parade is the more “girly” diaper, through it is truly gender-neutral if you ask me. It has bright pinks, orange, green and yellow elephants on a white background.
The Applecheeks Irrelephant has dark blue, light blue, teal, and yellow elephants, which are just great. Also, a gender-neutral color as I can see this cute little diaper peaking out of a cute navy dress…so cute!
Applecheeks Cloth Diaper Review

Current Applecheek Clearances

AppleCheeks Envelope Cover Lola currently on clearance at Diaper Junction
MySweetPickles has several Applecheek items on sale!

Applecheek Cloth Diaper Video



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