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Available Product Assignments

The following are available product tester/review assignments.

Only current reviewers may use this page to claim assignments!

If you see a product you would like to review, simply comment below and I will contact you with further instructions. Look in the comments to be sure the item you want has not already been spoken for.

You must be registered on this site to comment and PLEASE be sure to use a valid email so I can contact you with further instructions. Upwork freelancers leave your comment to claim the item you want, and your instructions will be given to you on your Upwork dashboard.

Do not begin the project without hearing back from me! Your project begins when I contact you and tell you to do so.

ATTENTION UPWORK FREELANCERS: It has been brought to my attention that Upwork takes 20% of all billed transactions! I find this outrageous! If you wish to be reimbursed via PayPal, simply leave a comment below letting me know that you’d prefer PayPal instead of Upwork along with your requested assignment. Be sure to include your PayPal email billing address with your assignment ~ Like under your signature. You also have the option of managing all of your assignments directly from my website, instead of Upwork, like my reader/contributors.

Cloth Diapering Momma

Tammy OHagan

I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Required: minimum 3 photographs per 1000 words for any written article, regardless of category or pay range.


Minimum 1000 word article OR 3-5 minute video. (your choice)

  1. OPTIONAL: Do both, the fee will be doubled! If there is no fee attached to the assignment, you will receive an additional $5.
  2. How do I write an article? What should it look like? Read the tips and help section on our Product Reviewer Application page for examples.


The following are valued $15 or over and you will not receive any additional compensation other than the product.



The following are items valued under $15 and therefor you will receive an additional PayPal fee.

The following require a minimum 1000 word article AND 3-5 minute video.

You must have a minimum of 1 article & 1 video prior experience with me to apply for these!

  1. Any item valued at $29.99 or over will not receive any additional compensation, other than reimbursement (product only).
  2. Items valued under that amount will receive an additional PayPal fee so that product plus fee equals a minimum of $30!

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