BabyLegs and Cloth Diapering Go Hand In Hand

What are BabyLegs?

BabyLegs are unique leg warmers especially designed for babies, but the material used makes them suitable for use right up to around 10 years of age.

You can find Babylegs on Amazons’s website here

These leggings simply slip on and will cover from the ankle up to the thigh. They can be worn with socks, under trousers, a dress or skirt and make a great alternative to tights especially when potty training or at nappy change time. They are also ideal for when baby spends time without a nappy, protecting delicate knees.
I remember back when I began cloth diapering. It was all new and confusing. I remember the excitement of each new package that arrived in the mail. The feeling of accomplishment when I finally conquered my wash routine. One particular shopping trip I recall was the day I found BabyLegs! O-M-G!! How absolutely freak’n adorable!!! I purchased one of every design they had on the shelf!!

If your new to cloth diapering, start with our Cloth Diapering 101 article.

If you are like me, cloth diapering is not only practical but has become an obsession. I can’t wait to try the newest and cutest cloth diapers and accessories as they come on to the market. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for something more to add to my already exploding cloth diaper stash.

Babylegs were created out of necessity by a Mom who wanted to keep her daughters’ legs warm while she had nakey time due to a bad diaper rash.
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Who can resist all the beautiful colors and patterns that Babylegs Leg Warmers are available in? Certainly not me. I love deciding which pair I am going to purchase next to compliment my granddaughters’ wardrobe. There is nothing cuter than a little dress with a coordinating pair of Babylegs.

Not only are they quite fashionable, but Babylegs leg warmers are also functional. They are great to put in your diaper bag for outings as a quick cover-up in the hot sun, or a warm alternative when that hot day turns to a chilly night. They work great for cloth diapering because you don’t have to remove them to change your baby’s diaper. I love them for my granddaughter to protect her knees from scrapes when she falls while she is wearing a dress or shorts. They have saved us many a tear and band-aid. 🙂

Besides making my granddaughter look uber-cute, I love Babylegs for me. I use them on my arms under my t-shirts when I get chilly as a fashionable accessory. My older daughters use them too. They love the super soft Babylegs in the cold months to accessorize whatever they are wearing and keep their arms warm in the process.

Babylegs aren’t just for girls either, my grandson loves his very boyish flame Babylegs to wear on his arms under a t-shirt on chilly days. In fact, there are many patterns of Babylegs available just for boys, including Blue Flame, Phinney, and Fishin, as well as others.

For me, Babylegs Leg Warmers are a must-have cloth diapering accessory. How about you… What is your must-have cloth diapering accessory? I would love to know 🙂

The Original Leg And Arm Warmers

Imagine, it has been a wonderful summer day filled with friends, food, and fun. The kids are running around playing while your toddler, who has recently entered the world of two-leggedness, tries unsuccessfully to keep up.

As the sun goes down, you notice that the air is becoming chilly. You reach into your diaper bag and fish around for your Babylegs leg warmers. After just moments, your baby is off and toddling after the big kids once again, but now she is cozy in her Babylegs. How cute her little chubby legs look sporting her Babylegs under her new sundress! You rest in the thought that later you won’t have to struggle with your wriggly toddler while changing her diaper because you know that her Babylegs can stay put.

With a smile, you grab another pair of Babylegs and slide them on your chilly arms under your T-shirt so that that you might stay warm also. You think to yourself that you are glad you remembered to pack your Babylegs this afternoon.

BabyLegs Sizes


Most Babylegs are 33 cm or approximately 13 inches in length. However, Babylegs are available in 39 cm and 40 cm lengths (approxiamtely 15.5 inches) in select designs and will be clearly marked.

BabyLegs Care & Content

Wash Babylegs by hand in mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.

  • The super-soft Babylegs are made of 100% polyester.
  • The original Babylegs are made of 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex.
  • The organic cotton Babylegs are made of 80% Organic Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex.
  • The Vermont organic wool Babylegs are made of 88% Natural Organic Wool, 11% Nylon, 1% Lycra*.
  • The Vermont organic cotton Babylegs are made of 87% Natural Organic Cotton, 12% Nylon, 1% Lycra*.

* LYCRA is a registered trademark of INVISTA


Why We Love BabyLegs

People often ask, “why BabyLegs?” Besides being absolutely adorable, they are useful for a variety of reasons. Here we give you 10 good reasons to try them out!

  1. They make diaper changing easier. At home, a lot of parents choose to leave their child in just BabyLegs and a shirt and diaper. There are no tricky snaps or buttons to deal with when changing diapers, and baby still stays warm. This is a big bonus at night time when sleep-deprived diaper changes are the norm!
  2. They are perfect for potty training time, whether you choose the naked time method or your child just runs around with trainers or undies on.
  3. They protect knees from hard floors or rugs when crawling. They are also great in dirt, sand, or grass.
  4. They provide great sun protection.
  5. They keep legs warm in baby slings and wraps when pants tend to ride up or as an addition to a simple onesie.
  6. They can be worn instead of tights, which are often uncomfortable and difficult to get on for babies and toddlers.
  7. BabyLegs are perfect for trips heading in and out of places during the summer. Keep them off when riding around in the hot car, slip them on when you enter someplace blasting the air conditioning.
  8. They are also useful to add extra layers for babies, toddlers, and big kids alike when the temperatures start to drop.
  9. Did we mention that they’re adorable?

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