Bambo Nature Diapers: What you REALLY want to know!

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Bambo Nature Diapers: What you REALLY want to know!

When I was pregnant, I imagined a whole landfill of diapers ahead of me. Since eco-friendly products are currently popular, I was also worried about being green-washed. So I looked for certifications. I also wanted all of the information upfront. Fortunately, Bambo lists their certifications and all of the ingredients on their company website. Bambo diapers are made from wood pulp and are Forest-Service Certified, FSC. All too often, disposable diapers are strangely toxic for such vulnerable customers. According to, Bambo has hypoallergenic diapers.
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Bambo Nature Diapers Eco Credentials

It’s easy to be green right now. Bambo diapers have earned the Nordic Ecolabel. According to, a product earns the label if it does “not contain substances that may cause genetic defects or damage fertility, halogenated flame retardants, fluoridated substances & nanoparticles.” The label also requires a “minimum 50% organic or 100% cotton that conforms to standards for limited use of pesticides.”

According to the Forest Stewardship Council website,, any product that you use with an FSC label on it, means you are caring for forests. When wood or paper is used in a product and the company wants it to be certified, it has to meet a set of criteria. It either “comes entirely from FSC -certified, well-managed forests, comes from reclaimed or re-used material, or controlled wood.” The FSC has set standards for what controlled wood cannot be. They include illegally harvesting, violating traditional and civil rights, and using wood from genetically-modified trees. There are three categories of FSC certification, but the Bambo packaging doesn’t specify which one. Although that’s true on the packaging of other natural products. According to, on September 27, 2019 post, carbon dioxide is stored by trees, and that’s how they improve our climate. The carbon is stored as wood. This is why fast-growing trees work best. This why FSC certification is important for those who care about the planet’s future. They are an organization that looks after the use of well-managed forests.

On the PubMed site of the National Institutes of Health, there is an archived abstract for “Disposable baby diaper – – a threat to the health and environment.” It points out the lack of awareness by most parents of the true risks to babies from ingredients in modern disposable diapers. Among the possible risks to a child are asthma, male infertility, liver damage, even cancer.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website,, there is no federal standard for the term “hypoallergenic.” The word is meant to express low or no allergic reaction to a certain product. Bambo products have no chlorine bleaching, contain no latex or perfumes, which are, generally, some of the chemicals that cause a reaction. This has earned them the Asthma and Allergy Nordic label. And doesn’t issue certifications, but Bambo Nature won “Must Have Diaper” in 2017.
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Are Bambo Nature diapers biodegradable?

Bambo diapers are recyclable, but there is no infrastructure currently in place in the United States to recycle them. But Bambo does recycle 95% of its production waste, according to its website. But they are not biodegradable.

Which diaper is best for me?

A good way to know if a specific brand of diapers works for you is practice. Buy a doll that crawls, and, preferably, potties. Skip a couple of days of showering and set an alarm for 3 am that wakes you to the sound of a crying baby. Turn the doll on “high” and try a Bambo diaper. If you still love it, put Amazon gift cards on your baby shower wish. Order a palette. You will always need more.

Bambo Nature USA also has the option of a gift subscription. It’s unclear whether or not they offer free samples. On the site, they suggest contacting customer service. Although, the diapers aren’t just available online. In Minnesota, for example, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market sells them in some Twin Cities stores.
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Are Organic Diapers Worth It?

Doing anything to help the planet is good. Then, we trend that way. Even if I get cynical about being eco-friendly, as it gets more trendy, I do as much as I can for my family and the future. When we remember that we are dynamic beings that combine with the great soul of the earth, we will be glad that we did our best for our kids’ futures on this planet. Bambo Nature is family-owned. The owners are parents.

Bambo diapers are more expensive, but depending on the site you use, for example, Amazon, you could find them on sale. If you buy directly from the Bambo Nature USA website, you can apply for a subscription and the diapers will cost less.

Bambo Nature Diaper Sizes

They also run small, even though they post the weight range on each box. Given the choice of training pants, my kid chose the bigger brand. Beyond the rule about not buying any clothes or diapers labeled “newborn,” I would recommend getting Bambo diapers one size bigger.

Bambo Nature Diapers Are Absorbant!

They feel a little more papery, but otherwise not much different than disposable diapers. They are also absorbent, containing the SAP gel that allows absorbency. There’s is an acrylic polymer, something that is often used in, for example, nail polish. The diapers have a wetness indicator. And they didn’t leak, even when worn during the day. This may be a small thing, but the training pants don’t say, “back.” It can be important when you have a wiggling toddler.


Transition To A Natural Life

Bambo Nature diapers are produced in Denmark. Bambolina is “dolly” in Danish, but, ultimately, the diapers were named after a toy bear, according to Bambo Nature diapers do not contain any bamboo, despite what your Google search says. We all need to upgrade our lives to natural. This is another transition towards a natural life. With climate change occurring, our only chances to stem this tide of warming for the future is true eco-friendly products.

It’s time to transition back to Nature, so we can keep a planet livable for our kids. Diapers are a part of babies’ and parents’ lives. Having a company that is started by parents leads to thoughtful choices and honest, upfront products. But because we’re talking about a supply and demand system, the more sustainable products we buy, the more they become commonplace. This will, actually, also lead to a decrease in price. Good competition can lead to that.

Another consideration might be the alternative to the alternative. Although cloth diapers are magnificent for the planet, they are not always practical. You need to wash them endlessly. I have even spoken to some parents that have a second washing machine, just for diapers. Some daycares will accept cloth diapers but some won’t. During the night, sleeping could go better with more absorbency. So, if someone wants cloth diapers for the love of the earth, they could intersperse Bambo diapers into their daily routine. The parents could individualize for the needs of the planet and the family.

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