Solving Your Cloth Diaper Storage Problems – Brilliant Hacks!

Cloth diapers are a great away to save money during the diaper years, plus they are environmentally friendly. They are, however, somewhat bulky depending, and storage or organization can be challenging to figure out. What are the best ways to store cloth diapers, so they are not taking up more space than necessary?

Brilliant cloth diaper storage hacks for all types of spaces are the solution for your organizational dilemmas. Having a disorganized diapering space will make the whole cloth diapering experience more overwhelming than it needs to be.

We have researched and made a list of what we consider the best ways to store and organize your baby’s fluff. You may not love all of our creative solutions, but you are sure to find something that will work for your space.


Best Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

When cloth diapering, it isn’t enough to have a place to put the diapers and wipes, it needs to be an organized place that makes diapering easy and convenient, not frustrating. When you become frustrated, it is more likely that you will stop using cloth diapers because it won’t feel like the benefits outweigh the issues.

If you are new to the fluff life, then you want to start on the right foot with one of our storage solutions. However, these solutions are also great for veterans that want to refresh their diaper station.

DIY Two in One Drying and Cloth Diaper Storage

Creative Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

Pinterest is a treasure trove of DIY solutions for almost anything. If you have an old TV cabinet or wardrobe, you can make anything from a play kitchen for your kids to a two in one drying and storage center for your cloth diapers.

The worst part of cloth diapering, for me anyway, was putting them away. This solution cuts out the middle man. All you do is hang them up and leave them there until you need to use them.

To make this, you will need an old TV cabinet or wardrobe of some kind and three to four tension curtain rods. If you want to look into more information about the tension rods, you can find it on Amazon’s website here. If you want to give the cabinet a makeover, then you can just stain it or give it a fresh coat of paint. When you are ready, you can put the cabinet in the space you have set aside for it and place the rods inside for hanging the diapers.

Easy peasy, and now you have excellent cloth diaper storage space.

Over the Door Storage

Hanging Shoe Cloth Diaper Organizer

If you have a small space and want to utilize verticle space that I usually neglected, then this solution is for you. Over the door, storage hangers are easy to find in most big box stores and are not typically expensive.

We love this idea because it doesn’t take up floor or wall space, and it can be easily moved to a different door if needed. Many over the door organizers come with three to four cubby pockets to hold all of your diapers and even some wipes and inserts.

You can find this Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack on Amazon here, Wayfair here, or Walmart here for different prices, so I would definitely look around to see what your best options are.

Under Bed/Crib Storage

Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas Underbed

Another great option when you are working with a tiny area is to utilize the space under the crib or your bed. The crib space is great because it is usually close to your diapering area. If you have a crib that is high enough for trundle storage that rolls out, this is the best way to use the space, and it is easily accessible.

If the crib isn’t an option, you can use any under-bed space you have in your house, but it may not be convenient, depending on where you do your diaper changing.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the various sizes, you can find this storage container on Amazon here.

Use Bathroom Space


In some cases, there is underutilized space in a bathroom or even space that is poorly used and could be repurposed for cloth diaper storage. This is an excellent option because, typically, your diapering space will be close to the bathroom. After all, cloth diapers have to be rinsed in the toilet.

To maximize this storage option, you may think about setting up a diapering station in the bathroom if it is large enough, so everything is centrally located. Like we said before, the more convenient you make changing, storing, and cleaning diapers, the easier it will be to become a dedicated cloth diaper mom.

You can find this slim storage unit on Amazon’s website here.

Chic Farmhouse Ladder

Cloth Diaper Ladder

The farmhouse trend has taken the country by storm over the last few years, and cloth diaper storage is not exempt. If you want a storage solution that fits well with your farmhouse decor, then try out this creative idea.

If you are into the farmhouse look, then you know the ladder I am talking about. It is technically a blanket ladder than leans against a wall. You hang the diapers on the ladder rungs either by snapping the closers or closing the velcro tabs.

I love this idea because you can reuse the ladder for decoration or display blankets when you are done diapers. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at more ladders, you can find them on Amazon’s website here or on Wayfair’s website here.

Linen Cabinet

Cloth Diaper Linen Closet

Linen cabinets are typically used for, well, linens. However, more often than not, they become a dumping ground for random odds and ends. Since linen cabinets are usually located close to a bathroom or even in a bathroom, they are a great place to store diapers.

This can be an excellent use for space that is sometimes forgotten. It will also motivate you to clean the cabinet out and find those linens you forgot you had. You can find storage baskets for your linen closet on Amazon’s website here or Walmart’s website here.

Floating Shelves

Cloth Diaper Storage Floating Shelf

This might actually be our favorite cloth diaper storage solution on this list. There is usually not a lack of wall space to be used, but how to use it functionally is always a question. That question is answered by a sleek set of floating shelves placed on the wall above the changing table.

Since cloth diapers are usually brightly colored or made with cute patterns, it is fun to display them on the wall. It is also easy to keep them neat and tidy since you will be looking at them every time you change diapers, which is often.

You can find various floating shelves at your local hardware store or check out the selection on Amazon here.

If you are new to cloth diapering be sure to read our Cloth Diapers 101 Complete Guide For Beginners (with photos) article. We’ve been told by many new cloth moms that it is a big help when stepping into the world of fluff!

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