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BumGenius 3.0 Cloth Diapering – Everything You Want To Know

So I was at playgroup and we were having a discussion on purchasing new diapers when Cheryl Kinley said to the group

My new diapers arrived, does anyone here have any personal experience on how to use BumGenius 3.0?

Luckily I had just started using my Bumgenius 3.0’s so I could share a little knowledge with Cheryl.  Just a few months prior I purchased a few of the Bumgious 3.0’s for my own stash! It’s cheaper to buy in bulk, so when I finally decided to purchase, I went ahead and went with a small ‘bulk’. Half a dozen or 6 diapers. I chose all five colors, plus one extra color. Unfortunately, right now Amazon only has 2 styles available and they sell out pretty quickly each time they are restocked! You can choose the bumGenius Elemental 3.0 All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper with Organic Cotton, which last time I checked was currently sold out 🙁    Then there is the bumGenius Original One-Size Pocket-Style Cloth Diaper 5.0

Have you seen the new cloth diapers lately? Let’s start with that in case you haven’t:
Bumgenius 3.0

Beautiful Design

The new cloth diapers are beautiful compared to ‘olden’ days. They come in a variety of colors and are meant* to last between 7 to 35 pounds.

Super Soft

The outside of the diaper is a super soft waterproof material that is not sticky, not plasticy and slightly elastic. Very impressive I might add.

Super-Duper Soft

The inside is an (omgosh!) super duper soft fleece blanket. Wouldn’t that feel nice down there? Come on, just admit it would!

There is a small flap on the back top side where you put in the inserts, each diaper comes with 2 inserts a) small, made mostly for infants I assume, though they did hold day urine catches and b) large, which also folds and snaps and can be used for small babies with big bladders, or just larger babies or children on the toddler end.
Bumgenius 3.0. Diaper Review 2 1024x768

Easy To Use

These diapers are pretty self-explanatory and easy to use regardless.

Since I have an almost 2-year-old.

  • He has learned these are much easier to take off. Not only that, but he realized the mechanics and can now take off disposables easily.
  • My son weighs (I’d guess) about 25 lbs. He is not large for his size at all. In fact, he has been a bit petite most of his life. (Though that boy can eat let me tell you!) It seems when not carefully folded the buttons on the front (which adjust for small to large diapers) can leave a bit of an imprint on his inner thighs while napping or hanging about. Also, the inner ring can leave a bit of a mark too. But this may very well just be his legs adjusting to new material since they’ve been in others for so long.


I also think that him being an almost two year old will make potty training easy, since we are dumping the poop in the toilet, it’s quite a little lesson for him.

I would also like to add, if you decide to try cloth diapering, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to use cloth wipes. It sounded insane to me at first, but to separate is just lame. Just wipe, throw them both in to be washed and whoopee.

For me (which I guess I was sick half of the week of this experiment, lol), cloth diapering seems just as easy and has added a huge bit of pride to my step in helping the environment and making a difference.

Washing though, I wanted to add, is just as easy as ever. I wash a load every night before bed and leave them on the dryer and washer to (mostly) dry before morning and then restuff them and begin a new day. It would seem to me with a newborn that even 10-12 would still only be one load a day and not much more of a big deal, but with the lack of sleep and everything else, maybe a little more trying…

My only complaint is the hook and loop could be made better and the laundry tabs will not stay shut.


If I missed anything in my review that you are curious about,  I’d love to let you know my opinion.

UPDATE: BumGenius 3.0 has been discontinued. I personally think its a shame, I loved this diaper! It has been replaced by the Bumgenius 4.0