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When I first started using cloth diapers, I didn’t know anyone else who did. I had wished there was someone who could just explain it all to me in a really easy way.

I spent way too many hours on the internet reading and trying to figure out the best diapers and the best way to do things. I know this is the case for many families just starting out. It can be so overwhelming!

So, I thought I would talk to some other cloth diapering mamas and ask them to tell us about their experiences with cloth diapering.

Young Woman Playing With Child

Why I Use Cloth Diapers

Why I Use Cloth Diapers   A lady in my local play-group confronted me with a question I hear rather often which was "What made you decide to use cloth...
Cloth Diapers Cost Less

Cloth Diapers Cost Less than Disposables

Bekah talks to us about how cloth diapers cost less than disposables. But, I think she also shows us how using cloth diapers is not hard and you don't have...
Marny Tells Us Why Fitted Cloth Diapers And Covers Are Easy To Use

Why Fitted Cloth Diapers and Covers are Easy to Use

Marny's love of cloth diapers   Marny's love of cloth diapers starts with fitted cloth diapers and covers, but really, she loves them all! This mama lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with...
Prefold Cloth Diapers And Covers

Why Prefold Cloth Diapers and Covers are Simple and Easy

Prefold cloth diapers are a simple and easy way to get started with cloth diapers and many moms stick with this system as their baby grows. Stephanie lives in the...
Samantha Cloth Diapering Mom 788x591

FuzziBunz & BumGenius Cloth Diapers

Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius Cloth Diapers help this new mama keep things really simple with her cloth diapering routine. Samantha lives in Oregon with her young little man,...
Mom Of 5 Cloth Diapered Kids

Cloth Diapering a Large Family

Susan lives in Utah with her family. She has been blessed with 5 beautiful children and has used cloth diapers since her first was born! Here she shares her...
Used Cloth Diapers

Rebecca Talks About How Used Cloth Diapers Are The Way to...

Rebecca says that used diapers are just as good as the expensive new ones. And, keeping it simple and easy is what this mama is all about. Her little...
Cindi Cloth Diaper Mom

Cloth Diapering Twins Made Easy!

Cloth diapering twins is not as hard or as scary as you might think. Cindi has been using cloth diapers for the past 4 1/2 years, first with...
Amber Cloth Diapering Mom 4

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers Are Easy to Use

This Cloth Mama recommends Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers for their ease of use, but she also uses wool covers whenever she can (and secretly wishes she could outfit...
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