Cheap Cloth Diapers For As Little As $101.28

Cheap Cloth Diapers For As Little As $101.28



Finding cheap cloth diapers is at the top of every cloth diapering moms list! Getting started with cloth diapering is not as difficult as you might think. My first advice to all moms asking me about cloth diapering is “Relax!” Generally speaking, I think a lot of people get scared off in the beginning because they think there’s a lot to “learn.” Honestly, it’s not hard! If you can change a baby’s butt and do laundry, then you’ve already got the basics down!

The First 6-8 Weeks

All first-time parents are a little, what is the word I’m looking for? OverZealous! They want to sterilize absolutely EVERYTHING! They are super paranoid and looking into every tiny detail. The first 6-8 weeks should be a time for getting to know your tiny new human, not fretting over how to do laundry or how to use a diaper. Trust me! As a new parent, you’ll be fretting over enough things. It can all feel very overwhelming. I’m going to recommend something here that my fellow cloth diapering moms probably will not agree with. Unless your baby has extremely sensitive skin, go with disposables for the first 6-8 weeks! There I said it!

Get To Know Your New Little Human

Cloth diapering is so much better for your baby’s bum, but if they can tolerate disposable then just go with it for a brief period! Give yourself a grace period to settle into a routine and get to know this little person. Six weeks was plenty of time for my friend Rebecca. She said it made all the difference in the world! She marked her calendar, had all of her diapers washed and ready and on the day she preselected, she woke up and began cloth diapering.

Cheap Cloth Diapers: Limitless Options

Before we start with the details, let me start by saying there are limitless options out there. This is not that kind of list. When I began cloth diapering, it felt like every article I read was overwhelming. I think back now and have to wonder, Why didn’t they simplify it for the newbie? That’s what this list is, for the newbie! The options/products  I’m going to describe here are just a few that I can personally recommend, from personal experience! This is by no means an end-all to be-all list. I have written it to be easily understood by the parents looking to start cloth diapering, without an overwhelming amount of confusing choices. This is what I would consider a beginners guide.

What You Need

So here we go. What you need to get started cloth diapering.

  1. A Baby! 
  2. A daytime diapering system
  3. A Nighttime cloth diapering system (preferably one that matches your daytime!)
  4. 2 Medium travel wet bags
  5. Garbage Can with Lid OR Pail liners + pail OR 2 hanging large wet bags
  6. Cloth Diaper safe detergent
  7. Cloth Diaper safe cream
  8. Blue Dawn Dish Detergent OR Your Regular Laundry Detergent
  9. Water softener IF you have hard water
  10. Wooden drying rack


(1) A Baby!

~ I think I’ll leave this one alone! We are a G rated site after all!


(2) Day-time diapers (Depending on Your Choice)

       (A) Cheap Cloth Diapers ~ PREFOLD CLOTH DIAPERS

I have two favorite cloth diapering systems. One is Prefold cloth diapers because they are a very affordable cloth diaper system, and are fairly easy to use. These remind me of the kind of diapers my mom used. So if money is an issue, I would go with a prefold cloth diaper such as GroVia, OsoCozy, Gerber, Thirsties or Buttons. There are of course plenty of other prefold brands; these are just a few. Here are some things you need to know about prefolds:


  • The most economical diaper system available is prefolds (and flats)
  • Secure with a Snappi or diaper pin.
  • Pre-folds are made of cotton, hemp or bamboo.
  • You’ll need a diaper cover or wool to keep wetness contained.
  • Perfect for parents on a tight budget.
  • Flats take up very little space.
  • Can even be hand washed if your washer breaks.
  • Flats are one layer of fabric that is folded to create more absorbency.

If you’re going with this method, you’ll need six one-size covers, or 6 small or 5 large diaper wraps or covers plus 24-36 pre-folds (these are sized)


If your child is a heavy wetter and you can afford it, I would highly recommend my other favorite cloth diaper which is an All-In-One (AIO).  Here’s what you need to know about All-In-One cloth diapers. If you’re going with this method, then you’ll need


  • All-In-One Cloth diapers are the easiest diapers to use.
  • They also have the added benefit of having an absorbent material sewn into the diaper cover.
  • AIO’s use inserts which can be natural fibers or synthetic fibers.
  • These types of diapers usually fasten with either snaps or Velcro.
  • An AIO  can be found as one-sized diapers or a sized diaper.
  • All in One style diapers offer flexibility and convenience.
  • Many newborn diapers are also AIO style.
  • No diaper cover required.
  • No stuffing required.
  • Great diaper to send to babysitters or daycare.

If you’re going with this method, then you’ll need 16-24 pockets or all-in-ones with the same number of inserts. You might also need 8 to 10 doublers. (extra absorbancy) You can experiment before you decide if you need extra absorbency.


(3) A Nighttime Cloth Diapering System That Works For You

       (A) Prefolds (i.e, Cheap Cloth Diapers)

If you’re already using prefolds then simply adding multiple layers will make it a very absorbent diaper. Prefolds aren’t waterproof on their own, and I have come to realize that a wool cover works great to contain leaks, while also providing breathability that can reduce diaper rashes.  When it comes to wool soakers, there are plenty of options, such as Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Cover, ImseVimse Wool Cover, and Aristocrats Diaper Cover just to name a few.

      (B) All-In-Ones

As mentions above, All-In-Ones are excellent for nighttime because they have an absorbent material sewn right into the diaper. You can add inserts to them (I prefer hemp) for extra absorbency.


(4) 2 Medium travel wet bags

A wet bag is a convenient way to store your dirty cloth diapers when you’re traveling. It’s a waterproof, reusable and leak resistant bag that zips shut to help keep liquids and odor from getting out. Wet bags are optional, but I highly recommend them! They are inexpensive and will be a lifesaver when you’re out and about.

(5) Garbage Can with Lid OR Pail liners + pail OR 2 hanging large wet bags

Cloth Diapers are stored dry (no pre-soaking) in a reusable waterproof (nylon or laminated/PUL) bag or pail. A garbage can (with a lid), pail, or another similar container that is lined with a waterproof bag. Dry Bags are sometimes hung on a hook or doorknob, eliminating the need for a pail. Because the storage bag can be quickly dumped directly into the washing machine, the dry pail storage method works for both front and top-load washers.

When I started using cloth diapers I used an inexpensive flip-top garbage can until we got a puppy then I had to get the kind with the step-on-pedal. My point being, you do not have to buy any expensive special equipment here! Get a garbage can and two waterproof liners. It’s best to have two pail liners. The used one gets tossed in the wash with the dirty diapers, and you’ll have an extra clean one to reline the pial right away.

You’ll need to remove any solid poop before putting it into the pail/bag.  Also do not line the pail with any material such as cotton or wool, since it will absorb moisture, retain smells and could cause mildew.

  • NOTE: There is also a wet method, which we will not cover here. I do not use or recommend the wet method. I have tried both, and the wet method to me is messy and can cause mildew.



(6) Cloth Diaper safe detergent

Please see the cloth diaper safe detergent post

My Favorite: Foca


(7) Cloth Diaper safe cream

Earth Mama Angel Baby balm for diaper cream (See it Here)

Thirsties Booty Love Diaper Ointment – (See It Here) 


(8) Blue Dawn Dish Detergent OR Your Regular Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent.

Here I go again, keeping it real! Blue Dawn is all the rave among Cloth Diaper Mammas’. While yes I’ll admit it has it’s own merits; you do not “have” to use Blue Dawn.  Honestly, I find it ridiculous when I read someone post… “You HAVE to strip your cloth diapers with Blue Dawn!”

Also, you know what I hate hearing? The term “stripping diapers.” It puts thought of paint stripping in my head. It sounds like some harsh act. It also confuses a lot of new cloth diaper mammas! They think “Of great! Something else to learn” Blue Dawn hysteria is bullshit! “Stripping” is just a new fangled way of saying “deep cleaning.” If you want to deep clean your diapers, wash them with a good cloth diaper detergent. I mean really lay it on and use a proper amount of detergent and add some bleach to the dispenser for the rinse cycle. Your diapers will get really clean, then just do another full wash with no detergent or bleach for a really good rinse. Bam, deep cleaned diapers! No confusing terms.. just deep clean them!

(9) Water softener IF you have hard water

The water softeners I use are Calgon and Borax, depending on whats in stock while I’m at the store. I like them both and have excellent results from both. They can be found in the laundry aisle. 

  • If you are going to use Calgon, simply add one capful to your main wash cycle.
  • If your going to use Borax, just add 1/2 cup to your main wash cycle.


(10) Wooden drying rack (optional)

Like the one here.

Or just buy some cheap clothes line

There you have it! So let’s break it down:

Bare Minimum List For Pocket Diapers or All-in-One Diapers:

  • 18-25 pockets or all-in-ones  (these are packs of 6, so you’d need at least three packs) = $77.97 (see them here)
  • 18-25 hemp, bamboo, microfiber or cotton inserts (inserts are included with the above item, but you’re going to want to invest in hemp liners ($9.25) at a later date  (See them here)
  • 10 doublers (extra absorbency)= $10.99 (See them here)
  • 30 cloth wipes  = $32.85 (Get them here)
  • Laundry Detergent = Foca is $4 at Walmart
  • Cream. Thirsties Booty Love Diaper Ointment – (See It Here) 

TOTAL = $101.28 

Bare Minimum List For Pre-Folds:

  • Eight one-size covers, (comes with a free wet bag!) = $27.54 (see them here)
  • 25-30 pre-folds (these are sized) = $77.96 (see them here)
  • 30 cloth wipes  = $32.85  (Get them here)
  • Snappi = $14.00 (see them here) or (read my post about them here)
  • Laundry Detergent = Foca is $4 at Walmart
  • Cream. Thirsties Booty Love Diaper Ointment – (See It Here) 

TOTAL = $164.67



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