Chemicals Found In Disposable Diapers

Chemicals Found In Disposable Diapers

Chemicals Found In Disposable Diapers: Impact On Health and Environment

As a prospective parent, the one thing you need to decide is whether your baby will later use a disposable diaper or a cloth diaper. What you decide will have both health and financial impact. Your baby will spend 25,000 hours with diapers and need 6,000 replacements in his first year. This article will discuss the chemicals found in disposable diapers which can certainly provide a little effect on your baby, may be useful.

Sodium Polyacrylate

Disposable diapers are comprised of harmful chemicals.One of them being Sodium Polyacrylate.  Sodium Polyacrylateit can work as a super absorbent, powdered material before being mixed on the inner layer of the disposable diaper. It can absorb more than 100 times its weight in water. It is these chemicals that convert the liquid into a gel that will stick to the baby’s skin and cause an allergic reaction. In addition, this material is also suspected as a ringleader of skin irritation and fever. When injected in mice cause hemorrhage, cardiac failure, even death. Children can be killed if swallowing 5 grams of Sodium Polycrylate. In addition, this material also damages the immune system and lose weight of factory workers who produce it.


Another dangerous chemical is dioxin . Dioxin is produced from the production process of paper bleach. Meanwhile, the disposable diaper production process uses dioxin in the form of chlorine gas. In an article titled ” Whitewash; “ Liz Armstrong and Adrienne Scott stated that most of the paper industry is bleaching using pulp whiter instead of chlorine, says Liz Armstrong and Adrienne Scott. The cause is none other than the chemicals included in organochlorine (including dioxin) is very toxic and persistent (settled in the body).

Tributyl Tin

Tributyl Tin (TBT) also includes materials used in the production of disposable diapers. These chemicals in addition to causing environmental pollution are also in addition to highly toxic. The spread can be through the skin, so you can imagine the danger level that sensitive baby skins using diapers that contain TBT. Because it’s so toxic these chemicals in even very small concentration can cause hormonal disturbances. They can also disrupt the immune system. Unmitigated, parents who have a baby boy need to be vigilant because this material can cause infertility. Ginny Caldwell in his article “Diapers, Disposable or Cotton?”, States that damage in the central nervous system, kidneys and liver can be caused by harmful chemicals found in disposable diapers.

Lungs & Throat

In 1999 The Archive of Environmental Health reported a study conducted by Anderson Laboratories. In the study, they unpacked diapers and placed them near the mice. The mice exposed to the diaper suffer from a bronchoconstriction that resembles an asthma attack. Not only that, but the mice also have eye irritation, skin, and throat. In a large room even if the emission from the disposable diaper is enough to make these mice attacked by asthma. Chemicals found in disposable diapers that can cause throat irritation include toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, styrene, and isopropylbenzene.

No Chemicals In Cloth Diapers!

Of course, different from the famous cloth diapers safe because it does not contain chemicals. The experimental mice did not experience respiratory distress such as mice affected by disposable diaper emissions. It’s time to reconsider the use of disposable diapers. Babies should be protected from the long-term effects caused by disposable diapers!

Male Fertility

Studies conducted by Kiel University Germany in 2000 indicate male sterility with the widespread use of disposable diapers. It is believed to be caused by the temperature of the testis area hotter than body temperature. This is a significant factor in the declining rate of male fertility in Western Europe.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash, for example, increased dramatically from 7.1% to 61% with the increasing use of disposable diapers. This is according to a study review by Proctor and Gambles (The Landbank Consultancy Ltd, 1991). You can imagine the advantages of the manufacturer of anti-rash creams of diapers :-).


Chemicals Found In Disposable Diapers


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