Cloth Diaper PARTY Ideas for Second Baby

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Cloth Diaper PARTY Ideas for Second Baby

So your friend is having another baby, and you want to host a diaper sprinkle for her and support her decision to use cloth diapers. Great! But how do you come up with party ideas that are cloth diaper specific? Even Pinterest, every party planner’s favorite tool, doesn’t have a whole lot of ideas for such a niche party!

Have no worries, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find lists of games, activities, and decorations that would work perfectly for your “fluff” party. We even included activities for children, in case the older sibling(s) and their friends are present at the festivities.

Game Ideas

Games can really make or break a party. Amazing decorations and a pretty cake will have a hard time overcoming an awkward social event. So let’s start with some fun games, shall we?

Name the Diaper

Challenge your guests’ knowledge of cloth diapers with this game. To play:

  • Gather one of each kind of cloth diaper (all-in-one, all-in-two, flat-lay, prefolds, fitteds, pockets, etc.) and number each type.
  • Give each guest a numbered checklist, with a corresponding area for them to write their guesses.
  • Whoever gets the most kinds of diaper correct, wins!


“The Price is Right”

How well do your guests know the prices of cloth diapers and their accessories? Here’s a fun way to find out! To play:

  • Print out lists of cloth diaper items, with a blank price section per item where guests can write they’re guesses.
  • Whoever gets the most correct, wins!


Click here to download our free Cloth Diaper Price Is Right Game!
Cloth Diaper Price Is Right Baby Shower Game
Links to Current Answers:
Prices change throughout time so we have provided links to the actual products so that regardless of when you read this, whether it be 2 months from when I am writing it or 2 years, you can obtain the current price.

  1. GroVia O.N.E. Reusable Baby Cloth Diaper (Abalone)
  2. Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count
  3. Bumworks Premium Cloth Diaper Sprayer
  4. ALVABABY 2pcs Cloth Diaper Wet Dry Bags
  5. Snappi


Diaper Pin Hunt

This is an easy one for everyone to play. No guessing required! To play:

  • Hide (closed!) diaper pins throughout the room where the party is taking place.
  • Put up a sign that says “Diaper Pin Hunt: There are [number] diaper pins hidden throughout this party. Whoever finds the most wins a prize. Happy hunting!”


Diaper the Baby Doll Race

Ready, set, go! Get ready to race! To play:

  • Each contestant gets a doll, a flat-lay diaper, & diaper pins.
  • Set a stopwatch as everyone begins diapering their baby doll.
  • Watch the contestants, and whoever properly diapers the baby first, wins.
  • To make this more tricky, this game can be played blindfolded.

Cloth Diaper Party Ideas For The Second Baby Diaper Baby

Balloon Baby Diapering Race

This game is similar to the last one, only way more tricky! Instead of diapering a baby doll, each contestant must diaper a balloon with diaper pins WITHOUT popping the balloon! Whoever finishes first, wins (and deserves a huge round of applause!).
Baby Shower Party 19

Candy Bar Diaper Game

Want to play the classic candy bar diaper game in a way that is is both clean, easy and appropriate for a cloth diaper shower? Here is what you’ll need:


  1. Cut your foam board into four even strips with an x-acto knife.
  2. Cut a small slit on the sides of the foam board.
  3. Insert the twine into each end through the slit of the foam board, tieing a knot behind each one so it will stay. Repeat this process for each foam board.
  4. Use the mini clothespins to hang felt diapers, and add a number sticker on the inside of each one. (provided in the kit)
  5. Put a piece of packing tape inside each of the felt diapers.
  6. Cut a small piece of each candy bar and place a different one in each diaper. ** Be sure to write down which candy bar is in what number of each diaper.
  7. Cover each piece of candy with another piece of packing tape so everything stays within the tape.
  8. Close up the diapers and you’re ready to play!

How To Play:
Pass the boards around the table and take turns with each one until everyone has had a chance to guess what candy bar is in each diaper. The person who has the most correct guesses wins!

Customer image

Guys do the Laundry

If your diaper sprinkle has guys, too, this game is sure to be a hit with the ladies! This is played as a timed race, so no need to have all the guys going at once. Each contestant gets timed individually, and the guy with the quickest time wins. To play:

  • Hang a small “laundry line” in the room.
  • Give the contestant a phone, baby doll, bucket of “laundry” (baby clothes and cloth diapers), and a bag of clothespins.
  • Each contestant must “multitask” (hold the baby, talk on the phone, and hang the laundry), and whoever is fastest wins!



Not all activities at a shower have to be fun. Below are some non-game activities that would be a great addition to your party.

Words of Wit or Wisdom

Let each guest write something funny or memorable on a small note card, then pin the note to a cloth diaper so that diaper changing time will be more interesting for the first couple of weeks. Advice, jokes, funny stories… they all work.

Diaper Raffle

This is a simple game, yet beneficial for the expectant family (particularly if they need more diapers). To play:

  • Let everyone know about the raffle in the invitation, so each guest can come prepared.
  • For each cloth diaper a guest brings, they get one raffle ticket.
  • At the end of the party, reach in and choose a winner!


Sign the Fluff

This idea is a variation on the traditional guest book. You can have guests sign their names (including a short message, if desired) on a flat-lay diaper with clothing-safe ink markers. You could then hang/frame that diaper as decoration in the baby’s nursery.

Cloth Diaper Donation Jar

If you’re not sure what exactly the expectant family needs in regards to cloth diapers/diapering accessories, a donation jar would be a great alternative to a gift card. It would also allow the family to buy larger-ticket items that may have been outside the guests’ individual budgets.
Cloth Diaper Baby Shower Donation Jar

Cloth Diaper Decorations

Decorations play a big role in the aesthetic and general feel of a party. The web is full of diaper sprinkle ideas, but very few are geared toward cloth diapering parties. Wow your guests with these nifty “fluffy” party decorations.

Cloth Diaper Invitations

Charm everyone with these adorable cloth diaper invitations! They can be made with felt or paper, although felt certainly fits the “cloth” diaper theme a little better.

All you need is your printed invitation, some felt or paper, scissors, some glue (optional), and some safety pins.
Diaper Party Ideas For A Second Baby Invitations 2
Diaper Party Ideas For A Second Baby Invitations

Cloth Diaper “Cake”

These adorable “cakes” are made up of nothing but cloth diapers bundled together in various ways. You can also add additional elements like Snappis, teddy bear “cake toppers”, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Cloth Diaper Cake 1
Cloth Diaper Cake 2

Prefold Diaper Banner

This easy-to-make banner can say “Welcome,” “[baby name]”, or the two words combined. Instructions for creating the banner:

  • Gather prefolds, colored felt (your choice of color), hot glue gun & glue sticks, scissors, marker, and twine.
  • Trace the letters onto the felt, then cut them out.
  • Hot glue them onto the prefolds, one letter per prefold.
  • Once the letters have dried on, wrap the tops of each prefold over the twine and glue down.

Voilà! A simple, cute banner!

VARIATION: if you want the prefolds to be reusable after the party, you can safety-pin the felt letters onto the prefolds and use clothespins to attach the prefolds to the twine.

Don’t Forget the Kids!


Decorate the Prefolds

Gather a stack of plain white prefolds, stamping supplies (could be “themed” or random), and clothing-proof ink pads in various colors. Let every kid decorate a prefold however they wish. This is honestly a fun activity for everyone, so no need to restrict it to just the kids. Any crafty adults can join in the fun, too!

Cloth Diaper Piñata

I don’t know about you, but all the kids in my life love the thrill of hitting a swinging box until candy bursts out! And how cute are these boy and girl cloth diaper piñatas?! Be sure to have paper bags ready for each child to gather up their own candy.

Pin the Diaper on the Baby

This is a variation of “pin the tail on the donkey”. Here is a free printable of the game. Simply print the cartoon baby and diaper, cut out the diaper of choice (there are three different colors: blue, pink, and green- in case the family doesn’t know the gender of the baby), and have fun!

Coloring Pages

Particularly fun for smaller kids at the event, these cloth diaper coloring pages are perfect for keeping the very littlest entertained.


So there you have it! Now you’re ready to go create a magnificent party of your own. Are there any other cloth diaper party ideas you would add? Comment down below with your suggestions!

— Laura Ohlman

Cloth Diaper Party Ideas For Second BabyCloth Diaper

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