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12 Intriguing Cloth Diaper Rentals and Trials Revealed

Where Can I Find Cloth Diaper Rentals and Trials?

Have you been captivated by those vibrant colors and cute prints of cloth diapers but are still hesitant about committing? Cloth diapering your newborn or older baby may seem like a mountain’s worth of research just to get started. The truth is, it’s actually pretty easy. You can quickly get started with cloth diaper rentals and trials. These are such an excellent way to begin your diaper journey because you instantly have the tools you need and the flexibility to try different styles and to determine what works best for you. If you’re the only cloth diapering mama on your block (I was too), cloth diaper rentals and trials will be that helpful mom that lets you borrow her stash.

Cloth diaper rentals are geared towards newborns who need smaller diaper sizes than the typical one-size diaper can provide. These rentals cover your baby’s first couple of newborn months. You can find newborn cloth diaper rentals online at Sweet Bottoms Baby, Jillian’s Drawers, Happy Baby Company, The Green Tot Spot, The Bundle Store, and The Natural Baby. The rental option is more of a service where you can extend your rental if your baby still requires the newborn size. You then usually exchange your newborn diapers for store credit that can be used to buy larger diapers for the rest of your cloth diaper journey.

Cloth diaper trials are a better fit for parents who are past the newborn stage and just want to try different styles of cloth diapers or see if cloth diapering is for them. Trials are generally for a shorter amount of time, 15 to 30 days. These give a quick taste of the cloth diapering world without the ability to extend your trial. The Nesting House, Jillian’s Drawers, Sweet Bottoms, Nicki’s Diapers, and The Natural Baby are online retailers that provide cloth diaper trials.


Newborn Cloth Diaper Rentals

Cloth Diaper Rentals

Quickest Startup: Sweet Bottoms

If you are looking for the easiest cloth diapering experience, Sweet Bottoms is it. They provide 24 newborn Grovia all-in-ones. All-in-ones (AIOs) are the closest style of cloth diaper to a disposable. If you want to do cloth but are short on time to research the different types, Sweet Bottoms is easy to navigate and gives you one great option. This is for the cloth diaper minimalist. No accessories are included but they do provide a cloth-safe sample of diaper cream. This 3-month rental will ship 2 weeks before the baby is due. Their diapers are in gender-neutral colors.

You can find this rental package on Sweet Bottom’s website here.

Carries the Most Popular AIO Brands: Jillian’s Drawers

Jillian’s Drawers rents some of the most popular all-in-one brands. You can choose from BumGenius Littles newborn AIO, Thirsties newborn AIO, Blueberry Organic Simplex AIO, and even Thirsties Natural newborn AIO. Jillian’s Drawers is one of the few companies where you can rent these from. They also carry prefolds and Imagine Bamboo fitteds. These diapers can be rented in packs of six, so you can mix and match types of diapers to make up your 24 diaper newborn stash. For even more customization, you can pick from girl, boy, or gender-neutral color options. These will ship 4 weeks after your order is placed. Jillian’s Drawers is a rent by month program for its newborn rental.

You can learn more about Jillian’s Drawers cloth diaper rental program by going to their website here.

Best for Prefolds: Happy Baby Company

This is the ultimate complete package for prefolds and fitteds. If your heart is set on prefolds, Happy Baby Company should be at the top of your list. Their prefold cloth diaper rentals are already prepped for you! This will save you the 8-10 wash and dry cycles when all you want to do is kick up your third-trimester feet. Happy Baby Company offers 3 packages. You can choose between 24 organic cotton prefolds, 24 Kissaluvs fitteds, or 12 of each. Each of these packages includes 6 Mommy’s Touch Newborn Diaper covers and Snappis if there are prefolds in the package. What I love about their newborn package is that while economical, they provide all of the accessories you will need to successfully use prefolds and fitteds. Five fleece diaper liners and cloth friendly detergent come standard with each package. The rental period is 2 months with the option to add extra months.

Budget Friendly Rent to Own & Month to Month Rentals: The Green Tot Spot

The Green Tot Spot has the most flexible options for cloth diaper rentals. They have the traditional newborn 2-month rentals which can be extended for another 4 weeks. You can also rent larger one size diapers from month to month if you decide you don’t want to purchase diapers outright. This is excellent for parents who aren’t sure they want to invest in cloth diapers or are cloth diapering an older baby who won’t get a chance to wear her cloth diapers for long. To ease the expense of buying cloth diapers you could also choose rent to own. Each of their packages comes with a wet bag and a free gift. The Green Tot Spot’s packages come with prefolds, fitteds, and flats. Diaper colors are in girl, boy, and gender neutral colors.

The Most Accessories: The Bundle Store

The Bundle Store includes packages that have everything but the changing table. Use this option if you’re short on time (or energy). Everything is included for 3 whole months of full cloth diapering. The Bundle Store gives you 36 diapers. 36 cloth wipes are even included. 2 pail liners and 2 wet bags are included, as well as a foaming wipe solution with cloth diaper safe balm. Here are their 2 options:

  • 12 GroVia Newborn AIOs,
  • 12 Lil Joey Newborn AIOs, and
  • 12 Thirsties Natural Newborn AIOs


  • 8 GroVia Newborn AIOs
  • 8 Lil Joey Newborn AIOs
  • 8 Thirsties Natural Newborn AIOs
  • 12 Newborn Osocozy Prefolds, and 4 covers (GroVia, Thirsties, Rumparooz brands)


4 Natural Fiber Options: The Natural Baby

The Natural Baby has a wide selection of newborn diapers. Their rental service includes 5 different packages to choose from. The initial rental period is for 6 weeks, then you can add on 2 week increments if needed. This rental service is ideal for parents who don’t want to commit for two or more months. They also have a generous trial service too, if you find your new baby quickly outgrows the newborn sizes and is ready for something larger. Four of their 5 diaper packages feature natural fiber diapers.

Cloth Diaper Trial Offers

Cloth Diaper Trials

30 Day Trial with a Sizable Selection: The Nesting House

The Nesting House provides cloth diaper trials that are 30 days long. The longer trial gives you a generous span of time to determine which diapers are the best fit for your lifestyle. You can choose from All-In-Ones, prefolds, fitteds, all-In-Twos, and pocket diapers. They even have an overnight diaper to trial if you have a heavy wetter. You can pick any 10 diapers on their website to trial.

Curated Trial: Jillian’s Drawers

Jillian’s Drawers created a trial different styles of diapers to try. If you would rather not have to figure this out on your own, just order their cloth diaper trial kit to see which style you fall in love with. You can pick from 3 sizes: 12-13lbs, 14-17 lbs, and 18-32lbs. Your curated package includes:

  • 1 OsoCozy Prefold
  • 1 Betterfit Prefold
  • 1 Snappi
  • 1 Thirsties Duo Wrap
  • 1 Kawaii Baby Pocket Diaper
  • 1 BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper
  • 1 BumGenius Freetime AIO
  • 1 Thirsties Natural AIO


30 Day Trials of GroVia and Thirsties: Sweetbottoms

Sweet Bottoms also has a 30 day trial if you would prefer a longer time to trial your diapers. They offer a smaller selection that consists of GroVia and Thirsties. You can choose between AIOs, pocket diapers, and covers with inserts.

Best Selection Ever: Nicki’s diapers

Hands down, Nicki’s Diapers has the widest selection of all the trials. You can choose any possible style and they carry tons of brands in each style. If you are looking for a specific diaper or a lesser-known brand, Nicki’s Diapers will have it. Note: Their trial is only 15 days. If you think you will need more time, this may not be the trial for you.

Customized Trials for Your Baby: The Natural Baby

If you want assistance creating a cloth diaper system for your baby, The Natural Baby trial service is excellent. They ask for your baby’s weight, age, if she goes to daycare or grandma’s, and your color preferences. They can create diaper trials for heavy wetters, sensitive eczema-prone skin, and even newborns. If your baby has special requirements, use this diaper trial service to ensure that you pick the right cloth diapers.

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