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Cloth diaper wraps make using cloth diapers really easy! Unlike the plastic pants of generations past, these go on and off quick and easy.

Cloth Diaper Wraps

They close with either snaps or velcro, which both have their own benefits. Snaps are difficult for a baby to pull off, while velcro is easier to put on a squirmy baby.

A really great perk to using a wrap cover is that you don’t need pins or a snappi if you are using a flat or prefold diaper. You can just lay the diaper inside and close it up. And, you can reuse many different types of wraps between washes, just wipe it clean after a change and let it dry!

Wraps come in different types of materials, but you will most likely find them made out of PULfleece, or wool. Some people make these with the waterproof PUL on the inside and really cute fabric on the outside. (I like these!)

Cloth Diaper Wraps


Pros of Wrap Covers


  • Easy to Use
  • Don’t need pins or a snappi
  • Can select whatever type of fabric you prefer
  • Come in lots of fun prints
  • Can use some a few times before washing


Cons of Wrap Covers


  • If using velcro, baby can pull it off
  • Snap covers can be hard to get on a squirmy baby


Popular Brands



Average Cost


  • $8 – $14 for PUL Wraps
  • $15 – $18 for PUL and Organic Cotton
  • $15 – $20 for Fleece Wraps
  • $24 – $30 for Wool Wraps

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