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Cloth Diapering 101: What’s in Your Water? Electronic Water Descaler Giveaway!!

cloth diapers and hard water

After I started cloth diapering, I was curious about what type of water we had. This can play a big role in the detergent you pick as well as the way you may wash your cloth diapers! I found out our water was extremely hard! It nearly ruined my cloth diaper stash! I tested our water and did some research to find out all of my options and decided to go with the “Yarna”. You can read my post about Yarna here.

Take a look at this map and see what your water is like…

(Photo Courtesy of Meguiars Online)
  • Hard Water – is high in dissolved minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. These high mineral amounts will tend to bind to your detergent and build up on whatever you are washing (clothes, diapers, etc.).
  • Soft Water – is treated water with sodium being the only positive ion. Allows clothes and diapers to clean much better.

Hard Water Diaper Washing Tips:

  1. You can purchase a Water Softener just for your laundry
  2. You can purchase a Electronic Water Descaler
  3. You can purchase a Water Softening Tank…which filters all of the water in your house, this is however a little more pricey and more of an investment.
  4. You can use a detergent specifically for Hard Water such as Rockin’ Green – Hard Rock
  5. Adding a little more detergent than you normally would
  6. You may need to strip your diapers more often to prevent leaks, rashes, and smells

*Having soft water tends to cause very few problems in regards to laundering Cloth Diapers.

Electronic Descaler is the answer

Since our article was written about the Yarna Descaler, a new brand has hit the market and is getting rave reviews! Same results at half the cost!! It’s called the “HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler” and can be found HERE on Amazon.

Electronic Water Descaler Giveaway

Electronic Water Descaler Giveaway

Enter below for a chance to win!

This Electronic Water Descaler Giveaway is not sponsored… it is a gift from us here at Your Cloth Diaper. This giveaway is open to both the US and Canada. If the unit becomes unavailable then the winner will receive an Amazon.com or Amazon.ca gift card in either US or Canadian currency for the same value as the Electronic Descaler.


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Cloth Diapering 101: What’s in Your Water? Electronic Water Descaler Giveaway!!