Cloth Diapering Ghost Content Writer Wanted

Cloth Diapering Ghost Content Writer Wanted is looking for cloth diapering parents (or parents looking to begin cloth diapering) who are willing to write about their experiences.

Preference will be given to those who have or are breastfeeding and/or cloth diapering. Newbies in this area are welcome!

This is a ghost content writing/research assignment, so you will not be credited.

How does this work?


Basically, once you have selected (and have been approved) for a topic, google it and write something more helpful and on-point than the first 3 listings.

Please ask as many questions as you need to for assignment clarification.

Length of content and pay scale


Usually, I need each article to be approximately 1000 words, but I’m not looking for “fluff” (no pun intended)… it has to remain VERY specific to the question being answered, as well as very helpful. You will be required to provide a minimum of 3 photographs per 1000 words (on a cell phone is fine).

Each 1000 word article pays $15. There will be times when I will need longer content 2,000, 3,000 or even 4,000 words (again no fluff) – For every 1,000 words requested, the job pays accordingly $15 per 1000. So if I ask you to give me a 3,000-word article, the job would pay $45.

To me, fluff is just writing stuff for the sake of getting a higher word count, although what’s being written may be slightly on the same subject matter, it’s not directly related to the question being answered. I need each subheading to nail the original question (topic). A good example of fluff would be repeating a long list of ingredients over and over again. Or repeating anything over and over again.

SUPER helpful

I need the articles to be SUPER HELPFUL to the reader who is looking to learn something NEW and remain on topic throughout the article.

By super helpful I mean If you’re writing an article on “Tips for running marathons”, I’d like to see tips that aren’t easily found, obvious or common knowledge… like drinking water (duh!) To me that’s not helpful, I’m sure the reader already knows to drink water!

Writers Requirements

The candidate must be capable of taking a specific question (subject) and conducting the research needed to write the requested blog post.

We are looking more for quality, heartfelt content rather than word stuffing or robotic feeling articles!


– Write 1 blog post from topic assignments page.
– When given a topic, google it and write something more helpful and on-point than the first 3 listings.
– Conduct the needed research to write thorough and detailed blog posts.
– List of sources- we will need to have a list of all references used
– 100% Plagiarism Free, Copyscape proof!
– Each article should aim for a minimum of 1000 words. (see above for clarification)
– Edits, as needed.


Writing/Readability Guidelines


These are just GUIDELINES, not requirements! However, those who can use proper writing skills will be given top writing priority over those who do not.

– No run-on sentences. Short and scannable with the eye (easy to read)
– Use of H2 or H3 Subheading, where appropriate.
– Delivered in a text document (not word, not pdf)


Requirements For This Role


Requirements For This Role:

– Native English speaker.
– Casual, yet professional writing style with a personable feel.
– Previously or currently cloth diapering