Cloth Diapering Ghost Writer Application

Cloth Diapering Ghost Writer Application


How To Apply


** Submissions that do not contain both requirements, will not be considered.

(A) A brief introduction; A detail of your cloth diapering experience (or interest in). Tell me about your children, their ages, how long you have cloth diapered.

(B) Your interview/skills submission.: 1000 word article with a minimum of 3 photographs (min. 790 px wide) per 1000 words on any of the topics listed below:

  • Transitioning from exclusively breastfed baby poop to solids in cloth diapers! The cleaning and what you can do with or without a sprayer.
  • How to dress babies with fluff butts and what works best for going over them.
  • Wool! Sizing, care and starting out.
  • Dirty diaper storage.
  • Can You Wash Cloth Diapers In The Sink?
  • Do I Need To Wash Cloth Diapers Before First Use?
  • Do You Rinse Cloth Diapers Before Washing?
  • Do You Wash Cloth Diapers In Hot Or Cold Water?
  • Sewing cloth diapers for beginners
  • DIY cloth diapers
  • Cloth diaper inserts DIY
  • Nighttime diapering
  • How To Safely Bleach your cloth diapers
  • ………….. Or you pick a topic that you think would be interesting, Must be Cloth diaper related.


How Does This Work?


  • You will submit an application on this page.
  • We will review your application and decide if we can use your writing skills and experience.
  • If you are accepted as a cloth diapering ghostwriter, you will be given access to a page where you will pick the writing assignments you’d like to write about.
  • You will write the article (including photographs).
  • Once your article is accepted, you will be compensated for the writing assignment, via paypal.
  • You may be asked to make changes or edits to your submissions before it receives the final approval.


What Happens After I Submit An Application?


If you are selected, you will be given access to current writing topics that we are wanting covered. Please watch your email (Or Facebook PM if given). I will send further instructions should you be accepted.


Cloth Diapering Ghostwriter Application Submission Form


  • Potential content / ghostwriters use the following editor to submit your application
  • To be considered for this position, please submit the required information below.
  • You may “Save” your work at any time and return to it later. You will find saved submissions under your “drafts” tab.
  • You will need to be registered and logged in or the submission form will not be visible.
  • By applying to be a ghost writer I am agreeing to the terms of this site.
  • All submissions become the sole property of and may be published on our website or social media at our sole discretion.
  • You understand that all submissions, including your application are “ghostwriting” positions and as such you will not be given credit for them.

Cloth Diapering Ghost Writer Application Closed


Application/Skills Test Description Tips


This is an extremely important step, as it will determine where you will be positioned in our family of writers, if at all.

You will need to submit a 1000 word article on any one of the topics provided above. This is your “interview & skills test” basically. How good your submissions are will determine your placement and selection availability of assignemnts, if any.


Writing/Readability Guidelines


– No run-on sentences. Short and scannable with the eye (easy to read)
– Use Subheading, where appropriate.
– Include appropriate photographs (cell phone is fine as long as they are a min. of 790 pixels wide). If you don’t understand pixels, simply send me a photo from your cell phone and I will tell you if it’s large enough, most should be!




  • Share your experiences.
  • DO NOT mention other baby websites. (The only baby websites that you can mention are: Amazon, Nickis diapers, Etsy or Diaper Junction as that is where the products will come from)
  • DO NOT mention prices
  • Be sure NOT to expose any genital areas in your videos or photographs (also avoid anal and nipples) You can use a teddy bear or doll to demonstrate usage and then provide actual photographs or footage of your child wearing them. This prevents any sensitive areas from being exposed. We must protect or children from the predators out there!


If you are unsure what a product review should look like here are some examples to study (remove spaces):

  1. https://dirtbikeplanet .com/honda-crf110/
  2. https://www.babygearlab .com/reviews/nursing-feeding/baby-bottle/dr-browns-natural-flow-glass