How To Apply:

** Submissions that do not contain both requirements, will not be considered.

(A) A brief introduction; A detail of your cloth diapering experience (or interest in). Tell me about your children, their ages, how long you have cloth diapered.,

(B) Your interview/skills submission.: 1000 word article with a minimum of 3 photographs per 1000 words OR a 5 minute or less (3 minutes are average) review of ANY cloth diaper product you currently have on hand.

If you wish to be considered for articles, then submit an article. If you wish to be considered for video reviews, submit a video.

If you wish to be considered for the reviews that require both an article and a video, please submit both.

Your article and video should be submitted seperately.


What Happens After I Submit An Application?

If you are selected, your project will start within the next few weeks (for most),  and as late as a few months for other applicants. Please watch your email as you will hear from me within that time frame. I will send further instructions then should you be accepted.

You need to first.

Product Reviewer Application Submission Form

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You need to first.

Application/Skills Test Description

This is the second step of the product tester process. This is an extremely important step, as it will determine where you will be positioned in the project, if at all.

You will need to submit a 1000 word article OR a 5 minute or less (3 minutes are average) review of ANY cloth diaper product you currently have on hand. This is your “interview & skills test” basically. How good your submissions are will depend on what value products you will receive to test and review, if any.

Writing/Readability Guidelines

– No run-on sentences. Short and scannable with the eye (easy to read)
– Use Subheading, where appropriate.
– Include appropriate photographs (cell phone is fine as long as they are a min. of 790 pixels wide). If you don’t understand pixels, simply send me a photo from your cell phone and I will tell you if it’s large enough, most should be!


  • Talk about first impressions (and all the consecutive ones!).
  • Share your experiences with the product.
  • List real pros AND cons of the product.
  • Tell the readers if a product is aimed at them  – newborns? all cloth diaper babies? heavy wetters? etc.,
  • Rule if the product is of the highest quality and whether it’s simply worth buying.
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Discuss leakage, elastic, unique qualities, cheap made or quality material, good for overnight. fit – all of the things you would want to know if buying this item.
  • Provide alternatives, if any.
  • Be Honest. Don’t Hype It – I’m not trying to sell it. My goal is to be as helpful as I possibly can to parents. If a product is garbage, SAY SO! Telling the truth about a product you review will not jeperdise your position, if anything I admire a person who can tell it like it is and give an unbiased opinion!
  • DO NOT mention other baby websites. (The only baby websites that you can mention are: Amazon, Nickis diapers, Etsy or Diaper Junction as that is where the products will come from)
  • DO NOT mention prices
  • Be sure NOT to expose any genital areas in your videos or photographs (also avoid anal and nipples) You can use a teddy bear or doll to demonstrate usage and then provide actual photographs or footage of your child wearing them. This prevents any sensitive areas being exposed. We must protect or children from the predators out there!

The last few paragraphs are perfect for expressing your private opinion. This is where you can get slightly subjective and speak your mind freely. Recap all the key points you touched on in the review, tell the reader if there’s a free trial (remember, the word “free” is intoxicating — IF applicable, sprinkle it throughout your article and emphasize free options to get people excited. It usually works wonders). Sum everything up and make the final verdict.


  • Begin your video with “Hello, [my name is] or [I’m] (your name) for”
  • The bulk of your video should talk about the same types of things you would write about in an article: Pro’s, Con’s, unique features, etc.
  • End the video with “If you found this video helpful please click the subscribe and notification button to be notified when we upload more videos. You can also leave me a comment below with your opinions or questions. Thanks for watching!”

If you are unsure what a product review should look like here are some examples to study (remove spaces):

  1. https://dirtbikeplanet .com/honda-crf110/
  2. https://www.babygearlab .com/reviews/nursing-feeding/baby-bottle/dr-browns-natural-flow-glass
  3. .com/watch?v=HOTKjnCSzQo
  4. .com/watch?v=MyYIfao8g40