gDiapers Review ~ So, How Do They Work?

I had to know more about this adorable diaper! It’s called a gDiapers. From first glance, it had everything I was looking for in a cloth diaper and it was insanely cute.

You can view the entire gDiaper lineup here.

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gDiaper Review

Hi! First let me thank the owners of for allowing me to tell you about my experience with cloth diapers.

I have 2 wonderful children, a 3-month-old baby girl, and a 2-year-old little boy. And I have recently become addicted to cloth diapers. Seriously.

When I first thought about using cloth diapers the image that came to mind was: PINS AND FLATS!

I knew there had to be a better, and cuter, option than your traditional “pins and flats” option. So I started my search for cute, eco-friendly (after all that is the point of cloth diapering is it not?), and affordable cloth diapers. In my search, I eventually came across this!
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gDiapers. How Do They Work

The diaper is a “gDiaper” and not only is it a cloth diaper, but it is also a disposable diaper but in a very earth-friendly way. gDiapers are a hybrid diaper. A hybrid diaper combines the re-usable nature of cloth diapers with the convenience of disposable diapers. The gDiaper consists of:

Gdiaper Review Inserts
You can use gCloth, which is the gDiaper version of cloth, or any kind of prefold.

You can also use the gRefill (currently out of stock) also knows as “flushies”, which is 100% biodegradable.
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The outer cloth cover comes in 5 sizes:

  • tiny g’s for newborns 6-10 pounds,
  • small 8-14 pounds,
  • medium 13-28 pounds,
  • large 26-36 pounds,
  • and new xl 34+ pounds.

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I currently use the medium for my baby and the large for my 2-year-old.

Easiest Cloth Diaper System

I was not interested in using all in ones, because I felt like that would add more laundry, more challenging to use, and create more mess that I would have to clean up.

I also did not want to mess with all the different snaps, especially late at night trying to remember which snap it goes on, and when explaining to family members and babysitters. I felt that velcro was simple and easy.

Yes, I was looking for a cloth diaper, but I was also looking for an easy, fast and simple diaper to use.

I went out right away and bought a couple of the diapers to try. Here’s how a gDiaper is built:

A.) An empty gDiaper;

B.) A gDiaper with the snap-in liner which is then filled with either gCloth or a Flushie;

C.) A gDiaper stuffed with a gCloth–your cloth option;

D.) A gDiaper stuffed with a flushie–your disposable option.

I use the cloth at home, and the flushies inserts on the go! I love this option because when my children get sick I can use the flushies to have the convince of the throwaway diaper mess, as well as to keep my cloth stain free (some medicines cause staining of the cloth).
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I’ve had No Poop Blowouts And No leakage!

I currently use size medium for my almost 4-month-old, and just moved my 2-year old into size larges. So far I have not had ANY leaks with either the gcloth or the flushies, and I have taken a couple of long car rides with my children.

My almost 4-month-old is only breastfed and this diaper has always contained her poo. Yes, it does get on the liner, but hey that’s what its there for! I have never had any poo or pee get on the actual cloth cover.

I am very impressed with the absorbency, how good they look on my children, and how much my children like them. My 2 year can wear these for his nap, which sometimes lasts 3-4 hours!
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I’m Doing Less Cloth Diaper Laundry

Another big factor in choosing these diapers is the amount of laundry cloth diapers bring. I did not want to be washing diapers every day, or have smelly stinky cloth inserts sitting around my house for days on end.

I love that the entire diaper does not get soiled at every single use. The cloth gets soiled, and occasionally the liner. Both of which are fairly easy to clean/clean up in the few moments I have in between taking the diaper off and putting the new one on.
Gdiaper Wetbag
The gCloth goes in a wet bag, and the liner if it even needs to be cleaned, gets a baby wipe-down and tossed in the dirty clothes basket. I can compost, throw away, or flush the “flushies”. The gCloth is very slim and small compared to other prefold, which makes it easy to store in a wet back until laundry day, which in my house is every 2-3 days.
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gDiaper Cuteness Factor

Overall I chose to use gDiapers because of how cute they looked, how eco-friendly they were, and the startup price to switch to this brand.

I keep using gDiapers because they still look so cute (!), they are still eco friendly, the cost to keep using them is very minimal mainly only if I use the flushies (but still more economical than disposable diapers), they continue to expand their selection of colors and sizes (new colors twice a year) and they make less laundry for me to wash than traditional cloth diapers.

I love my gDiapers and would not go back to disposables for any reason! (Especially because gDiapers offers a disposable option!)
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gDiapers Newborn Bundle

gDiapers has a “gDiapers Newborn Bundle” that is perfect! This “Bundle is basically a “kit” that includes everything you will need! The gDiaper Newborn Bundle (kit) includes 12 newborn gPants, 6 size small gPants, and 80 Disposable Inserts!
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