GroVia Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment Review

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GroVia Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment is made by the Grovia Company. We’ve been testing this laundry treatment for several months now (what can I say, I can be a slow tester!). It is not a detergent but rather a uniquely formulated powder treatment used to remove the buildup of urine and minerals from cloth diapers and garments such as pet beds, etc.,

I like using precisely the amount that I need just by placing one treatment pack/pod in a washer of hot water with my cloth diapers. No measuring. No mess! Place pack in washer; no other detergent is needed. Run a regular hot wash with one extra rinse. May be used in addition to a normal wash routine every 6-8 weeks to keep diapers and build-up free. They are septic safe.

They can be used in an HE machine.  I personally feel that when it comes to stripping (which is what this does), the more water, the better. HE machines use less water, so I prefer more than one rinse.


While this is not the cheapest option for stripping cloth diapers, I have gotten great results. We have extremely hard well water, so any detergent has to work pretty hard just to maintain the status quo here. Mighty Bubbles does a great job of helping to lift out stains and icky urine smells. This is partly due to the sodium percarbonate. Sodium percarbonate is the stuff that makes Oxiclean work. It is natural and safe for cloth diapers. I have seen it take the color out of hand-dyed fabrics when over-used. At normal levels, it has worked great on even my dyed diapers.

Mighty Bubbles is phosphate free and contains no dyes or brighteners. It is entirely biodegradable and rinses very cleanly. We have had no problems at all with detergent buildup or detergent rashes.

One 10-count package will clean 10 loads. That is a bit more expensive than some of the alternatives.

I am pleased with how the Mighty Bubbles treatment has worked for us.

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