Hand Washing Cloth Diapers

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Until this point in my life, I don’t think I have hand-washed anything ever before…except myself, the baby, and the dishes! I do feel like it has been a huge challenge, but I am surprised at how easy it is! Now I didn’t say it was convenient but easy!

I love my Camp Style Washer and will probably keep it after hurricane season is over for poopy, stain-prone diapers…before I put them in the washer for a rinse! I have done my washing outside next to the faucet which makes things more accessible as well. I just plop on my big rain boots and off I go. God only knows what my neighbors think when they see me in my PJs and rain boots with a plunger and bucket at 10:30 PM.


Here is my attempt at making a washing routine that works for me…now I am warning you that I don’t quite have it down yet…and it might seem a little overkill…but hey, I am still learning

  1. Take dirty diapers and open them up all the way, and put 6-8 in the bucket.
  2. Fill the bucket with cold water.
  3. Plunge diapers for 30-50 plunges/strokes, and let sit in water for 20 minutes.
  4. When I remember to come back…oops…I empty the water and add clean water + some Country Save Detergent, then another 50+ plunges/strokes.
  5. Let sit in soapy water for another 20 minutes.
  6. Dump soapy water, add clean water, and plunge again for 30-50 strokes.
  7. Let sit for 20 minutes or so to be sure all suds are out of the bucket.
  8. Empty for a final time and squeeze excess water out. Then on to the drying routine.

Seems to work pretty well for me; I would, however, like to cut down the number of fill-ups and dump-outs that I am doing. Will have to play around to see what I come up with!

Oh…and I forgot to mention that I had my first bug casualty this morning. I went out to get my first load of the day started when I found a dead bee in the empty bucket! Ewww…gross… I HATE bees…and Yes I am that girl who runs away from the bees! I can take any other type of insects, but not bees!

So what’s your hand washing routine like?
What kind of detergent do you find works the best?

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