Happy Heiny One Size Diaper Review

My son was extremely small when he was born, but was also a super soaker with very sensitive skin. We were having some serious overnight problems with our diapers, which at the time were either disposables for overnight or prefolds during the day. Disposables were really making his sensitive skin so irritated that I knew I had to get rid of them quickly.

The first diaper I chose to replace overnight disposables was a One Size Happy Heinys. At three months old, he was only at about 10 pounds, so I had the diaper on the middle setting the first night.

Happy Heiny One Size Diaper Review

My first night using Happy Heinys was amazing to me. I woke up and kept checking him, but didn’t feel any wetness at all. This was the first night that I hadn’t had to change his outfit, my outfit, and the bedding in the middle of the night since bringing him home from the hospital. The stay-dry inner of the diaper really kept him feeling dry, even though when I looked at the inserts later they were soaked!

My first Happy Heinys was in aplix, which was a big plus for a smaller baby. I could get it tight enough around his tummy and the legs were snug enough to keep any leaks in. I still can’t get a great fit with snap diapers, but One Size Happy Heinys in aplix are always a perfect fit.

I love that my now 20-pound son still has a perfect fit with a diaper that I bought over six months ago. I have moved the setting on the one-size Happy Heinys up to the next to last setting, but this diaper also fits my 35-pound son who wears diapers overnights occasionally so I know that he isn’t going to outgrow it before potty learning.

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What I Love About Happy Heinys

The absorbency- even months and many, many diapers later I still grab my Happy Heinys first for overnights when I need more absorbency.

The aplix lets me get a good fit even as my baby grows and is still going strong even after other diapers hook and loop systems have failed.

The generous sizing- I don’t have to worry about sizing up with my One Size Happy Heinys. There is plenty of room for baby to grow. Plus, he never had any red marks around his legs from the Happy Heinys, which is a big plus because he has always had thighs on the chunkier side.

The stay-dry inner on the One Sized Happy Heinys has been awesome for my baby’s skin. I don’t have to worry about wetness sitting on his sensitive skin when we are out and I can’t change him right away or overnight.


The biggest downside for me was the initial investment of One Sized Happy Heinys. They are about $18 each, and I wanted a dozen so it was an investment. I have been using them for about six months, so I can say now that it was worth it but it is a little expensive at first.

The inserts do start to thin out after several months of daily wear, but I just added an extra insert that took care of the problem nicely.
The snap closure One Size Happy Heinys aren’t as easy to get a perfect fit as the Happy Heinys in aplix.

Now that I have used Happy Heinys for a while, I still grab them first every time I wash diapers. They are comfortable for my son and fit perfect every time even when he has grown. I would definitely recommend One Sized Happy Heinys to anyone who is using cloth diapers.

You can purchase Happy Heiny’s from Amazon here or eBay here.

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