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Cloth Wipes: My Hesitant Journey, With Photos

When I first started cloth diapering, I saw some cloth wipes. Honestly, my first thought was, that is just too much trouble for too little benefit! However, as time went on – and I became more and more of a cloth diaper addict – I began to consider using cloth wipes. A few months ago, I purchased cloth wipes for the first time.

Homemade Cloth Wipes


All Or Nothing

I wanted to start out small so I bought a 10-pack of JABaby wipes. For the first few months, they sat on my changing table nearly unused. There were several problems with me jumping into using cloth wipes. I tend to be an all or nothing type, person.

Only having 10 wipes, was not enough to use cloth wipes full time so it was difficult for me to commit if I could not go all in. I also did not have any wipe solution and was hesitant to pay money for something that I was not sure I wanted to commit to doing on a continual basis. In addition, I was extremely skeptical about using the cloth wipes for solid waste.

Jump Right In

A few weeks ago, I decided to put all that aside and jump right into using cloth wipes. To overcome my problems I did a few things. To start out, I realized that I do not have to be all or nothing about everything. Using my cloth wipes until they are gone and then switching to disposable wipes while they are in the washer is okay.

Instead of paying for a wipe solution, I used a wipe solution that consists of 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of baby soap, and 1 tablespoon of baby oil. This was great because they were all things I had around the house. I also only committed to using the wipes for wet diapers and continued to use disposable wipes for solid soiling.

UPDATE: I have an updated baby wipes solution with tutorial, be sure to check it out if your looking for an easy and cheap way to make baby wipes.

Love Using Cloth Wipes

Surprisingly, I found that I love using the cloth wipes. They are just as easy to use as disposable wipes. Especially, after I learned to fold the wipes into my wipe container so they popped up just like the disposable wipes. When I am ready to change a diaper, I simply grab a wipe, squirt some wipe solution on it and I am ready for a change.

How To Make Cloth Wipes

Sensitive Skin

I also really like using the cloth wipes because my daughter has extremely sensitive skin. I found that the softness of these flannel wipes was just right.  In addition, by using my own wipe solution with the cloth wipes, I also know exactly what is being put on her skin. This is a major plus for me!

Solid Soiling

The biggest hurdle I have not yet overcome with using my cloth wipes is using them with solid soiling. I just cannot bring myself to put a heavily soiled wipe directly into the washing machine. To avoid this, I have tried using my diaper sprayer to wash off the soiling but this just gets complicated. So, for the time being, I am just using my cloth wipes for wet diapers. Who knows, soon I may be ready to take the next jump.

Unnecessary Waste

It’s funny, I initially started using cloth diapers because I did not want to create so much waste. Why was I not concerned that I was creating unnecessary waste with all those disposable wipes! I have even gotten more wipes to be able to use them full time. Now that I see how easy and fun it is to use the cloth wipes, I do not see myself turning back.

How I Made Cloth Wipes

What did you first think when you found out about cloth wipes? Were you hesitant, as I was? Do you use them now?

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  1. Kim

    I LOVE my cloth wipes!!! I was never hesitant about using them, it made sense to me, since I was using cloth diapers! I actually prefer them to disposable wipes.

  2. Christelle

    I have 72 cheap washcloths incoming + am planning on ordering maybe a dozen-ish nicer cloth wipes (with cute prints) soon. I know some people have also bought me some baby washcloths as a gift. (After I get everything, I’ll decide which ones and how many are for baby, which ones will be strictly for bathing, etc.)

    I don’t think I thought much about it when I saw them mentioned in my cloth diaper groups. I just took in all the info and tucked them away for consideration. As my excitement for cloth diapers grew, the decision to go down the path of cloth wipes (and more cloth in the house in general!) just naturally happened, and I grew in my determination and excitement for all that too.

    Still getting a few boxes of disposable wipes to start with. We’re first-time parents, and I’m not sure what my postpartum recovery will look like, and I’m not about to throw my hubby into the deep end like that. Hahaha. But I’m already gonna be spraying poopy diapers, so poopy wipes doesn’t sound that bad. I heard it’s so much easier to get things off with cloth, and it’s way less wasteful, so that’s also a plus for me.

    I also just want the best of everything for my baby, so I’m definitely the type to look at ingredients and reviews and all that! I’d so much rather make my own wipes solution!

  3. Tabby

    Never thought about cloth wipes before I started reading about cloth diapers. I use them sometimes if I run out. I don’t prefer to use them for poo.

  4. Melissa

    I never used them with my first and don’t really plan to with my second. Don’t want to deal with the poop!

  5. Jazlyn shepherd

    I would love to transition to cloth wipes eventually, but right now I have no time for it. I first thought some people were crazy when I first found out about cloth wipes then slowly started realizing it’s for the environment and it’s such a small change.

  6. Kari Barone

    Yes, I didn’t use cloth wipes initially. I thought that they were too much of a hassle. I now own a large selection of cloth wipes and use them daily. They are quite simple to use.

  7. melly adams

    It sounds like a good idea. I wish I would of gotten on the cloth diapers and clothe wipes train when my kids were little .

  8. Aimee

    I was hesitant to try them. I cloth diapered three children before being introduced to cloth wipes. When my third was potty training I decided to slowly try cloth wipes. We use them for pee only. When my fourth child was born, I went all in- using cloth wipes only. It’s been a bit over four years and we are still using cloth wipes.

  9. Cassie

    I wasn’t opposed to using cloth wipes when I started cloth diapering because it would be easier than taking a bunch of wipes to the trash can each time I changed a diaper. I just never could keep up with it and always went back to disposable wipes. Plus I didn’t use cloth wipes on poop because washing poop diapers was bad enough I didn’t want to was wipes with poop as well. Sounds silly but it Just wasn’t for me but I think it’s great for people to do use them!

  10. Lynnette

    We love our cloth wipes!

  11. Bethany

    That’s awesome!!! We have been slowly transitioning! My husband isn’t a fan of using for poop but we use for pee.
    Eventually I’m sure we will fully transition at home. We are unable to use for daycare as that is their regulations.
    We use a solution from bee greens in a spray bottle.

  12. Morgan DeLille

    I was instantly drawn to cloth wipes when I heard of them due to the fact that I would already be CDing and wouldn’t have to buy disposable wipes which would eventually infest the planet. I switched over immediately, and even use cloth wipes for myself in the bathroom. It’s such a relief not to have to buy toilet paper anymore either!

  13. Atesia Telles

    As soon as I heard about cloth wipes, I jumped right in and started using them. I have a large family and we do laundry constantly anyways so it didn’t add anything extra to my list of what we already do. I did start using them for pee only first and then started using them for poo as well. I still have disposable wipes for on the go or just in case. Great read!

  14. MH

    Occasionally I use cloth wipes, but most of the time I just use disposable especially for all the poopy mess. Not ready to commit to poopy cloth wipes yet. Maybe one day I will make a full switch.

    1. Tammy

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I use both, depending on if I have any cloth clean and if not then I grab the disposables! Congratulations, your name was selected as our random winner in the $10 Amazon or Paypal giveaway. Please let me know which one you prefer and I will send it to the email attached to this entry unless you request differently.

  15. Ashton huseman

    I love cloth wipes for at home for all the reasons said here. I used biodegradable bamboo ones on the go though

  16. Bridget Alexander

    I finally switched fully to cloth wipes when this covid 19 thing happened. I started out making my own flannel ones a year ago but i didnt like them. Then a few months ago I tried baby wash cloths and liked them a lot but wasn’t using enough to have them sitting pre wet and they would get musty. But now I just wet them when I need them and that is working out great.

  17. Carmen Rudnick

    I started using them when I went to buy a pack of disposable wipes and thought why am I still spending money on these? I just made the leap since it made more sense.

  18. Christina Rabideau

    I love cloth wipes! I discovered them and was instantly interested! I made my own out of flannel cotton I got from Walmart! They were having a sale on teenage mutant Ninja turtles fabric so we bought that and made a bunch of wipes! I

    1. Tammy

      That’s fantastic Christina! I would love to see some pictures of the ones you’ve made. Maybe post them on our Facebook page?

  19. Alyssa Huffman

    I was excited about using cloth wipes and to make my own solution for the wipes. No, I was never hesitate. Yes, we are still using our cloth wipes and loving them.

    1. Tammy

      Alyssa, Do you have a preferred brand? or do you make your own?

      1. Alyssa Huffman

        When I first started I used extra baby wash cloths until my baby was about 3 months. I bought the Gerber brand because I wasn’t sure what brand to get. They have worked really well for us.

        1. Tammy

          Good to know Alyssa. I’d have to agree, Gerber is one of my top 3 overall best brands for premade cloth wipes.

  20. Elir211

    I wasn’t ever hesitant to use cloth wipes I couldn’t wait to try them so I got a bunch of baby wash cloths and created my own solution, pre-wet them and stacked them in a baby wipes container. However I still use disposable wipes every now and then especially when I use disposable diapers or when I have been lazy and haven’t prepared my cloth wipes. I love using cloth wipes though, but I love everything cloth.

    1. Tammy

      Elir211, you are not alone! As busy moms/grandmothers/caregivers we’ve all had that “ut, oh… forgot to wash them” – moments and had to fall back on disposables.

      You mentioned that you used your own solution. Is this a recipe you’d like to share or do you still have it?

      Thanks for your comment!

  21. Jennie

    This dispenser is fancy! I just put ours in a stack. We wet one at a time with our Peri bottle solution.
    I also have been using cloth for me in conjunction with my fancy bidet.
    Thanks for your thoughts

    1. Tammy

      Jennie, Fancy? LOL It’s just an old container from a disposable wipes package. I just like to use what I have or what I can get from friends.. Why spend money on something if I can get ir or make it for free? right?

      I use cloth pads and cloth wipes for myself as well!

      Thanks for your comment.

  22. Cschimp93

    Great article!! I haven’t made the switch to cloth wipes due to the poop. Feels more like a hassle but have never thought to just use it for pee until I get comfortable.

    1. Tammy


      Start small and work your way up till your comfy with the whole idea. Over time, I’ve saved a ton of money and it reduced breakouts on tender behinds.


      1. Cristina Schimp

        We’ve cut up receiving blankets and made a solution. It’s worked very nice so far!!

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