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How do I choose the perfect cloth diaper?

Trying to choose the perfect cloth diaper for your little one can be overwhelming. A lot of times parents choose more than one type before potty training. I use FuzziBunz for every day and use Gro-Via’s hybrid diaper for traveling. Below is a detailed description of the types of cloth diapers available to you:

A prefold cloth diaper is sewn so that they are thicker in the middle and thinner on the sides.

Prefold – If you want to go traditional, you need to check out prefolds. They look like the old-school cloth diapers (now better known as burp cloths), but they are made of better materials, including organic cotton. You can fold them in a couple different ways and secure them with pins or Snappi’s. Snappis are a pain-free and faster way to secure prefold and flat fold diapers. They come in a variety of colors. You must pair your prefold or fitted diaper with a waterproof cover or wrap to avoid leaks.

Types Of Cloth Diapers Fitted

Fitted – Fitted is simply a cloth diaper with no attached waterproof portion that is secured with snaps, Velcro or Aplix (similar to disposables). A waterproof cover is needed, but no pins or Snappis required.

Pocket Cloth Diaper Features

Pocket Diaper – A pocket diaperis a type of diaper that comes in two pieces; the waterproof outside and the absorbent insert to tuck into the pocket of the waterproof portion. The convenience of the pocket is that you can add any type of absorbent insert into the pocket for your baby’s needs. For example: I use one Alvababy micro terry insert during the day when changing diapers every 2-3 hours, but I add a Charlie Banana hemp insert overnight for extra absorbency. I was shocked when those two inserts kept my daughter drier than a disposable!! Hemp is naturally more absorbent and thinner than the micro terry inserts. I really like that they are super durable and you have no worries of Velcro snagging in the washer/dryer or on their clothes.

All In One Types Of Cloth Diapers
All in One

All in One aka AIO – I’m excited to carry Gro-Vias AIO diaper. It is truly the easiest cloth diaper to use and it is made of organic materials! The main insert for these diapers is sewn or snapped in and you can add more inserts for additional absorbency by snapping them in. Gro-Via also has reusable liners that snap in for easy clean-up and less waste. When you are ready to change the diaper, just open, snap/Aplix and go. To wash, throw the whole thing in the washer without needing to separate parts as with the pocket diapers. Super easy and they come in cute designs and colors.


Hybrid – A hybrid diaper has both reusable and disposable parts. The outside/waterproof portion is reused and the inside, absorbent part can be composted, flushed, or tossed in the trash. Great for parents new to cloth diapering, and/or for those who travel. The outside portion can be used more than once, if not soiled, before washing. This is one perk you won’t find with any other type of cloth diaper. You need fewer covers/pants per baby, which means even less money! Gro-Via’s diapers can be used with their cloth inserts or flush-able inserts interchangeably.