How Many Bumgenius Diapers Do I Need?


How Many Bumgenius Diapers Do I Need?

You will need 24 Littles Diapers for newborns. You can find the “bumgenius Littles” on Amazon’s website here or My Sweet Pickles website here.

If you’re looking to cloth diaper older babies you’ll need 18 Freetime, Elemental, or Original Diapers + 4 Hemp Doublers. All of these models can be found on Amazon here.

So you’ve decided to go with BumGenius. You’ve joined many parents and grandparents who choose this popular brand as a staple in their diaper stash. The great thing about BumGenius cloth diapers is that their all-in-one construction means that it is easy to figure out how many diapers you will need. There is no need to multiply the number of inserts by diapers or divide by 4 for covers. No extra algebraic equations here.

With that being said, newborns will need a different number of diapers than older babies. I suggest at least 24 diapers so baby can have a full day of diapers while you wash. This is essentially two days worth of diapers. BumGenius recommends 12-18 of their diapers per day for newborns.

Older babies will need a minimum of 18 diapers. Two of these diapers should be what BumGenius calls an “overnight solution.” While BumGenius diapers are excellent for containing leaks during the day, they need a little extra at night to keep your older baby comfortable. BumGenius recommends adding extra hemp doublers at night to soak up moisture. They sell hemp doublers that can simply be placed on top of the sewn-in inserts. Two of their doublers will transform their regular all-in-one into an overnight diaper. These doublers can also be used with their pocket diaper. If you are looking to increase the number of days between washes, just add 9 diapers and 2 hemp doublers per day.


Where are Bumgenius Diapers Made?


BumGenius cloth diapers were originally cooked up by a mom who sewed inserts out of her home. By chance, she sewed a snap onto a customer’s insert so it would fit better into a smaller diaper. From there, BumGenius was born. Now, BumGenius covers are still made in the USA. Some of their materials are sourced from the USA, while others are imported. BumGenius microfiber inserts are made in China, however. What’s great about buying BumGenius diapers is that you know you are supporting an American owned company.


Why We Choose Bumgenius Cloth Diapers



Simple to Use

BumGenius cloth diapers are overwhelmingly popular because they are so easy to use. Three out of their four styles are all-in-one diapers. This means that their inserts are sewn into the cover. All-in-ones are the closest type of cloth diaper you will get to disposable diapers. Spouses, grandparents, and daycares will love these since there isn’t much of a difference in use. If you truly want to cloth diaper your baby full time, all-in-ones are the solution for other caregivers who may be hesitant about cloth diapering. For this reason, BumGenius is a top choice.

Picture this: a colicky, squirmy, newborn baby who is overtired and will not sit still while you origami your prefold. This was my firstborn. I was new to being a mom and a couple of weeks in, I waved my unbleached prefold flag in the air as an act of surrender. I did return a few months later to cloth diapering, I just used all-in-ones instead. It was only with my second child, who was calmer, did I attempt newborn prefolds again. For some babies simplicity is key. Many parents choose BumGenius because they don’t have to use and keep track of all the Snappi’s (toddler siblings love these), inserts (dogs love these), and diaper covers. These diapers do not require the extra steps of inserting pockets or adding covers.


One Size Fits Most Babies

Another area where BumGenius shines is its one-size concept with snaps. If you are new to cloth diapering and are having sticker shock, this means you can buy one collection of diapers and not have to buy another size. Ever. *This is of course after their newborn phase.* There are some brands where you will have to purchase small, medium, and large sizes. These are great if you have more of a budget, but if you’re looking to save money, one size is where it’s at. BumGenius diapers come with easy to use snaps on the front of the diaper that are used to size the diaper from 8 to 35 lbs. Snaps are a finger-friendly alternative to elastic sizers in some other brands.


Easy to Clean

BumGenius diapers are a helpful choice when it comes to laundry. There is just one step. Wash your diapers with a cloth diaper safe detergent and hang to dry. The simplicity in this step will help confused spouses who forget that covers shouldn’t be put in the dryer on high heat along with the cotton prefolds or inserts.


Many Options

We love BumGenius because they have options. Their all-in-one option for babies 8 -35 lbs is called Freetime. It has attached microfiber inserts. If natural materials are more your forte, then their Elemental is like the fraternal twin. The Elemental diaper has organic cotton inside. Littles, their newborn line, is also an all-in-one for parents who want maximum simplicity for those early days. They even come with a doubler for when your newborn needs a little extra absorbency. The Original 5.0 diaper is a pocket style that is one of their best sellers. While it is a pocket and does require stuffing, it still has convenient sizing snaps that make it a one-size diaper.


Bumgenius Spring Collections


Doodles Collection

Cloth Diaper Doodle Bumgenius Collection

If you’re a lover of prints and have fallen for the pictures of cute babies in colorful diapers, you’re in luck! BumGenius has a ton of prints to choose from.

The Doodles collection is an adorable set that features prints in a hand-drawn cartoon style. These prints used to only be available as part of the Cotton Babies subscription, but now you can buy them individually here from Amazon or once in a while you can even find them here from eBay. These prints are vibrant and perfect for spring. They have names like “CATtitude” and “beWILDering.”

Little House in the Big Woods Collection

Little House In The Big Woods

The next collection to checkout for spring is their “Little House in the Big Woods.” The three diapers in this set are patterned with maple trees, quilt patterns, and prairie flowers. This limited collection was a collaboration between “Little House on the Prairie” and BumGenius. These diapers will remind you of laid back late spring and summer days. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at this collection, you can find it on Amazon’s website here or on Amazon’s website here.


Spring Solids

Like a breath of fresh air, clean solids are a staple for spring. BumGenius has refreshing spring colors like Grasshopper, Kiss, Jelly, and Hummingbird. You can find these solid colors on bumgenius’s Amazon page here or My Sweet Pickle’s website here.

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