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How To Make A Diaper Out Of A Shirt – No Sew Method!

Notice the gusset-like tucks in between the legs to contain the messes.

How To Make A Diaper Out Of A Shirt


If you are not the crafty type, here is a method to convert a t-shirt into a diaper without having to sew a stitch! You can diaper your baby for little or no money, just by recycling old clothing, in this case by using a t-shirt!

You probably have a few stashed away somewhere, maybe in your rag bag or the back of your drawer – that are stained or have a hole or two, or you are just sick of wearing.

You can ask your friends and neighbors, or join freecycle.org, and most likely get enough free t-shirts of different sizes to last your baby’s whole diapering period.


How To Make A Diaper Out Of A Shirt Using The No Sew Method


Step 1. Lay the T-shirt flat.


Step 2. Grasp the top and bottom of the t-shirt one-third of the way from one side and fold over to meet the opposite side, thus folding it into equal thirds. Smooth out any wrinkles.


Step 3. Bring the top of the t-shirt down towards the center so that the sleeves are folded in half.


Step 4. Fold the bottom up to meet the top.


Step 5. Place baby on the diaper and bring the front up to her belly, tucking the edges in between the legs, and stretching the top across the front.


Step 6. Bring sleeve tabs around tightly, overlapping them in the middle. Grasping firmly, with your fingers behind the cloth, pin into place. To prevent sticking yourself, insert pin down slowly until you feel the pressure, not the point itself, against your fingers. Bring the point back up through the top and fasten.

There are several inexpensive options for a diaper cover. Wool bum sweaters can be made from thrift store finds, simply sewn from a triangular piece of wool. Another favorite of mine is the nylon pull-on pants. They are inexpensive, lightweight, breathable and hold up well with repeated washings, unlike their vinyl counterparts.


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