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All You Need to Know About HumBird

One of the most fun and exciting niches within the cloth diaper industry is the smaller batch handmade diapers. Unique and high quality, these diapers really transcend the standard. One such brand that has made a name for itself by offering gorgeous, unique, and functional cloth diapers, covers, and inserts is HumBird. Launched online in 2012 out of Ainring, Germany, HumBird prides itself in creating wool-based (no PUL!) diapers, covers, and inserts that are breathable, comfortable, and cute.

Besides awesome diapers, HumBird contributes to the community in more ways than one- they participate in the Great Diaper Exchange, sponsor Grace through PLAN International, donate to, and more.

Owner Dawn says the company’s slogan, “Keeps the Wet In,” is tried and true- HumBird diaper owners keep coming back again and again. They offer cloth diapers, but that’s not all- you can find handmade wool leggings, skirties, and clothing for moms as well!

What makes HumBird so great?

There’s just something special about quality, handmade items- but that’s not all HumBird has to offer. In addition to being totally unique and visually attractive, HumBird diapers have an excellent track record with consumers. They offer a huge range of cloth diapering products, from heavy-duty overnight diapers to flats, and they only use the highest quality materials. Since they don’t use PUL and instead rely on wool for waterproofing (and organic bamboo, hemp, and cotton for absorbency), HumBird diapers are incredibly natural and safe for use with even the most sensitive baby skin. Since they are all made by hand, they are made in small batches and sell out quickly. Here are a few of their most popular items:

Supernova Overnight Diapers – “Wet sheets be gone”

These are seriously the holy grail overnight diaper. Boasting an almost perfect rating, sporting a 20″ rise and fitting up to around 40+ pounds (depending on the baby, of course), these diapers are here to do some serious work. With an organic bamboo-cotton shell, a cotton bamboo doubler, a cotton bamboo booster, and a bamboo velour flare soaker (whew!), the absorbancy on these babies is essentially unparalleled. On top of the heavy-duty absorbency, all of the fabrics used are CSPC compliant and have been safety tested for use with your baby. Since they are fitted diapers and do not contain a waterproof layer, they will need to be used with a cover- like, for example, one of HumBird’s wool covers!

Wool Diaper Covers

Here’s where HumBird can show off their creative side- these beautiful wool covers, available in eleven sizes from newborn to XL, are sewn from hand-dyed 95/5 wool, making no two batches, or even diapers, exactly alike. From rainbow stripe to a fun color block to stunning solids and even a Mars themed diaper, these are cute enough to show off- they don’t look like diapers at all. Like all of HumBird’s products, these cuties boast an almost perfect rating. It’s important to remember, however, that wool covers must fit snuggly, so they won’t fit for long before needing to size up. However, they don’t need to be washed often and, when properly cared for, work incredibly well to prevent leaks without getting stinky, so they are well worth it.

Hemp Fitted Diapers

If the Supernova caught your eye for overnight, check out HumBird’s Hemp fitted! Made from 55% hemp and 45% bamboo, these diapers are the best of both worlds- thanks to the quicker-absorbing bamboo, the hemp does not get crunchy when wet (as it tends to do in cotton-hemp blends). With two hemp/bamboo inserts that snap right into the fitted, these diapers come with excellent absorbency, but there’s always room for more. With three sizes made to fit from 8-40+ lbs, the HumBird hemp fitted is an excellent choice at any stage of your cloth diaper journey.

The Ultimate Insert

Okay- by Ultimate, HumBird literally means ULTIMATE. This three-layer insert is made to be used alone but can be combined a million and one ways to help you achieve maximum absorbency. With one layer of 100% organic cotton and two hemp/bamboo blend layers, you’ll be thrilled to discover how well these natural fibers work together to keep your baby dry.

HumBird Stretchy Flats

This was the product that first piqued my interest when I heard about HumBird. These hemp flats are stretchy, absorbent, and customizable- perfect under any cover and easily bulked with doublers or inserts for any amount of absorbency. These are not currently available on the HumBird website, but if you’re interested, check out their Buy Sell Trade page and keep an eye out!

But Wait, There’s More!

While they are probably best known for their diapers, HumBird doesn’t stop there. From wool clothing for adults and children to nursing pads to blankets and even wool slippers, HumBird does it all, making it a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for meticulously made high-quality wool/natural fiber goods. You can stock up on heavy-duty diapers and pick up a few goodies for yourself (or a friend) as well, and feel confident that you are getting sturdy, beautiful, unique items made by hand with love.

How can I purchase from HumBird?

Since handmade items take a little longer to create, purchasing HumBird goodies can be a little more of a challenge than your average Amazon diaper haul. They run monthly preorders on certain items, which you can read about here, sell some items (mostly adorable wool leggings and pants) made to order if you miss the preorders. Additionally, they restock some of their bestselling items a few times a year, but you’ve got to be quick- they are very popular and don’t last long!
If you aren’t interested in watching for preorders and restocks, you can always keep an eye out for secondhand items on their Buy, Sell, Trade pages (join on Facebook here). Since they are so well-made and Dawn uses such high-quality materials, you don’t sacrifice much by choosing to buy second hand. These diapers are made to last, making them well worth the investment, either new or used.

If your new to cloth diapering, start with our Cloth Diapering 101 article.


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