Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

I love finding new diapers. I mean LOVE. I also love WAHMs. I also love bamboo. So this review is a shoo-in for me! I first learned about Lalabye Baby cloth diapers through the social Mecca known as Facebook. Melissa Huynh, the owner of Lalabye Baby, is a local South Florida mom with a passion for cloth diapering. She started Lalabye Baby because she wanted to create a diaper with a fantastic fit, excellent absorbency, and a great price!

I received my little grey bamboo pocket last week, and upon opening the package, I was struck by how pretty this diaper is. The front has multi-color snaps giving the diaper a playful quality which I love! But the thing that stood out for me was the inside of this diaper. It is a traditional pocket diaper with two bamboo inserts that snap and then to the diaper.

Now, if you are not familiar with bamboo as diaper inserts, I beg you to get some to try. Bamboo is a fantastic material that makes thirsty fabric that sucks up any moisture insight and holds no stink (unlike microfiber).

This stuff is incredible, which is why I was so impressed with Melissa for choosing this particular type of insert for her diapers. Once the bamboo snaps to the diaper, you have the choice to tuck it inside the pocket so that your baby has the stay dry material against his skin (like a traditional pocket diaper), or you can keep the bamboo inserts on top of the diaper pocket, so that the baby has the natural fiber against their skin.

Inside with Inserts on Top and Inside


This is particularly great for babies with sensitive skin and better with natural fibers. For my grandson, I used the inserts inside the pocket. This diaper is so trim! And the fit is terrific. I let the baby wear the diaper with his little pants, and there was no bulky butt. He was so comfortable wearing these. They fit wonderfully around the legs, and they have my preferred (and more accessible) snap design with one snap on the outside front to prevent wing droop and two rows of snaps on the very front of the diaper.

We washed the inserts three times, which is not a complete prep for bamboo, but we had no leaks. Horray! The little guy was happy and comfortable! Overall, I was beyond impressed with this diaper, especially its excellent design and price! At $22, this is one of the best-fitting diapers I’ve tried in this price range.

But beyond the diaper itself, I am happy that cloth diapering is starting to come to light in South Florida. This is thanks to many women who, like Melissa, have a passion for innovation and education. What an excellent way to impact your community, family, and the environment.

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