Little Monsters Cloth Diaper Review

Every once in a while, I see a cloth diaper that is so absolutely adorable I have to have it. Part of the fun in cloth diapering is having your baby not look like he’s wearing a diaper uniform. Even among cloth-diapered babies, every single one is unique because, of course, no two moms have the same taste in diapers.

The moment I laid eyes on this adorable diaper, I had an instant crush. The embroidery on the back is just so cute. It fits my rambunctious little guy to a tee! I also really love the fit, which is so generous! I have a long, skinny grandbaby, and some diapers don’t seem to fit his belly correctly. However, this diaper is very stretchy, fitting in all right places.


little monster cloth diaper

The diaper I purchased from eBay, Little Monsters, was a cute green cloth diaper contrasting white snaps and a little lion monster embroidered on the back. Besides the adorable character in the back, the front of the diaper fits exceptionally well, mainly because the diaper tabs are a little longer than most, allowing for a perfect fit around the baby’s tummy and keeping all of the wetness inside of the diaper.

This is a basic pocket diaper that must be stuffed with an insert, and the Little Monsters diaper came with one very fluffy microfiber insert. The inside of the pocket was cloud-soft and stayed that way through multiple wash cycles. Overall this is an excellent cloth diaper. I love the stretch, fit, and style. It is an excellent addition to the starter or existing stash. When we wear it around, my little guy gets so many compliments on this diaper.

For those who would like to try a Little Monsters cloth diaper, head on to eBay here and check out the few available. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything current for this company, and they do have a Facebook page here. However, the last post is dated 2016! Too bad because these are super cute!


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