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Making Your Own Cloth Diapers Step By Step

Making Your Own Cloth Diapers

Making your own cloth diapers doesn’t sound so crazy right now, does it? These last two weeks have stirred up a vast range of emotions as everyone in our country is scrambling to adjust to a new way of life. For many of us, it is the first time we have seen empty shelves at the grocery store.

No matter who you are or what income level you are at, this was an unsettling moment bringing up fears for the future. How long will this last? Do I have enough supplies at home? What am I going to do if I run out of…..?
Making Your Own Cloth Diapers
It’s scary enough for a single person, but imagine having a newborn at home, a toddler or any young children that you are responsible to feed, cloth and shelter! The burden is overwhelming and the fear of not being able to care for you family is probably one of the most frightening thoughts imaginable for parents.

As the days of this current COVID-19 quarantine progress, we see small glimmers of hope. Certain items at the store are getting replenished and people are working in cooperation with one another to help each other out and keep things peaceful.

Then, there are those who remain in panic mode and if a store doesn’t put restrictions on items, there is always that one or two in the crowd with “just in case” syndrome who will literally buy everything on the shelf. Unfortunately, this has a trickle-down effect and causes others who wouldn’t normally panic buy to do the very thing that is causing all of this struggle right now.

With the toilet paper shortage, people have reached into the baby aisle and emptied the shelves of some pretty important items that are crucial to mommies with young babies in diapers. Baby wipes are in demand with everyone! Baby or no baby, everyone seems to need baby wipes during this crisis.

Realistically, if you run out of wipes you can always give your baby a “bum” bath in the tub or sink. It’s added work, but it is a solution. But, what happens if you run out of diapers? Or detergent? What would you do if those things were not available?

Making Your Own Cloth Diapers

One solution is to make your own cloth diapers from extra fabric around the house. Surely, most of us have hand me down T-shirts, underwear, shorts, towels, sheets, pillowcases, sweatshirts or other materials around the house that we can spare.

If you find it necessary to craft some extra diapers during this quarantine season, grab some fabric out of that Goodwill give-away bag in the garage, give a wash and follow these steps to make your own cloth diapers at home.

Let’s Make A Cloth Diaper!


  • Cut 24 x 24 in square
    Making Your Own Cloth Diapers

  • Stretch of fabric need a to go left to right so the tabs will stretch correctly
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 2

  • Mark 7 in. Toward the center
    Mark 12 in. Down and make a semicircle
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 3

  • Cut it out and then fold the fabric to make a guide to cut the other side
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 4

  • You can use the scrap pieces to lay inside the wetzone for added protection
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 5
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 6

  • Pad fold whatever absorbancy you are using into the center. It can be flour sack towels, receiving blankets, even a cotton t-shirt. Or you can fold the absorbancy onto the baby. I used the origami fold and tucked it in so I would have to use pins or a snappy.
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 7

  • Fold the top and bottom down for sizing.
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 8

  • Pull the front tabs up and tuck them around the back of the baby.
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 9

  • Pull the back tabs to the front and tie in a double knot
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 10

  • Tuck in any cotton you see sticking out under the fleece and make sure the fleece is rolled into the leg creases
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 11
    Making A Cloth Diaper From Household Items 12

All done.

This makes a medium/large cover.

For a small cut a 20 x 20 in square
And the leg holes would be 7 inches in and 10 inches length.

If your new to cloth diapering, start with our Cloth Diapering 101 article.

There you have it! Your very own, homemade with love cloth diaper!

Please Help One Another

Now, looking at the situation at hand, it really doesn’t appear that we are headed to a point of complete social desperation. We are definitely inconvenienced right now and there are some families that are in dire need of food and financial assistance just to get through the days and weeks ahead.

However, communities are pulling together in wonderful ways with donations, food banks and offers to go to the store for one another and the list goes on. Even animal shelters are getting an amazing outpouring of love from people willing to foster animals while they are home during the quarantine.

We Will Get Through This!

We will all get through this. The United States is still one of the strongest countries on the globe and everyone is hard at work thinking through all of the various solutions that can be implemented to help those of us out of work and too close to losing everything for any comfort.

Federal assistance is on the way. Credit card companies and banks are forgiving late fees and payments. Utility companies are extending grace to customers who can’t pay right now and they have no intention of shutting services off. Car companies are letting consumers skip a month on their payments. Even mortgage lenders are forgiving payments for a month so that owners and renters have a chance to catch up.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. The best in humanity is showing itself, one person, at a time. Yes, we are seeing some of the worst in people but we are seeing far more of the good in people each day as people reach out to help one another and creativity is spiking as people seek ways to solve problems as they arise.

This is no different. You may not need to make any homemade cloth diapers because you are still blessed enough to have a washer and dryer in your home. But, this could be a fun craft or even the start of your own small business. Who knows?

One thing is for sure, we will all come away from this unexpected global crisis with new eyes. We will see many things differently. We will have a new appreciation for things that we never gave an ounce of thought to before. We will be encouraged by the warmth and sincerity of those around us who were supportive toward those who were not coping well.

If you take anything encouraging away from this message, let it be this: focus on being grateful for what you do have, take one day at a time and do something every day to make you feel useful and productive. Even if it’s cutting material and making your own cloth diapers! Hey… it’s crafty and fun and it serves a good purpose.

Blessings to all. If you have concerns or need assistance please reach out to us right here at YourClothDiaper.com

A BIG-BIG Thank you goes out to Bridget Alexander for this wonderful step-by-step tutorial and Monique Caravello for its presentation! With all of us pulling together, we can make a difference!