MooMoo Baby Cloth Diapers Adjustable All-in-Ones Review! :(



Apparently the quality of the Moo-Moo cloth diaper has drastically went down hill since this article was originally written! After a cloth diaper momma contacted me asking for help concerning her new moo-moo cloth diapers leaking from the shell (not the legs) I did some investigating!

There are several complaints within the review section of Amazon stating that other parents were having the exact same problem!

One customer asked about a warranty in the questions section, only to be told [sorry you’ve used them so we cant refund your money or replace them but we will give you a discount to purchase more] WHAT!?!?

This sounds absolutely CRAPPY!!! I am so horribly disappointed! Here is the reply I left for the company:

“Dear Moo Moo Baby, I think it is appalling that these parents are having a bad experience and you can’t give them a refund because they are “used”. Well, how else would they know they are inferior quality and useless unless they USE them??? I have recommended this brand for years on my website , but will be updating that review to reflect such horrible customer service from the makers! Unacceptable!

While a lot of people are having a great experience with these, I can no longer recommend a product with such hit and miss odds with our hard-earned money and I definitely can not stand behind any company that thinks so little of their customers!

Final thought? Don’t waste your time or money!


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So, I’m really excited to talk about this diaper. {you know you’re obsessed when…}

MooMoo Baby Cloth Diapers

I’ve only known about MooMoo Baby Cloth Diapers  for a few short (but insanely wonderful) months, so far, but I’m madly in love. I read a review online about them while I was on a mad hunt for the perfect all-in-one. My family is a big all-in-one, lovin’ family. We’ve tried everything, and all-in-ones just tend to fit the best with our lifestyle.
Our first all-in-ones were all BumGenius 3.0′s; however, since those have been discontinued, we were floundering around looking for our next perfect diaper. After little mister grew out of all of his medium BumGenius’s we were stuck with the smallest stash of cloth diapers this side semi-crunchy.
We were coaxed by many of our cloth-loving friends into purchasing some cheap eBay off-brand diapers to fill our void. Biggest mistake! Ever. I’m not saying these diapers don’t work, but they don’t work for everyone. They are sometimes thrown out into the cloth world as “fix-alls” and “stash enhancers.” No, they were a nightmare for us and were one pee-soaked onesie away from causing us to throw in the towel on cloth diapering.
Moo Moo Cow Cloth Diaper 15
Then? The magic happened. Mr. Google led me to a very convincing review of the MooMoo Baby AIO. I headed to my nearest swap board and begged for some gently used semi-hopefuls.
I got six of them off of a really awesome mama on Facebook and they were in fantastic condition. We’ve been using them for 2 months or so now and I couldn’t be happier. They’re bulletproof–just what we were looking for!
I love taking him to daycare in cloth and picking him up in the exact same outfit! {It’s the little things in life that bring us joy!} The ones we have are brown interior and never stain. Also, side-note, the poo plops off of these suckers into the toilet like nobody’s business. As if I wasn’t already overjoyed.

This is an adjustable-sized MooMoo Baby AIO. {Three Rows of Adjustable Snaps to Allow for a Small/Medium/Large Size in one diaper}

Moomoo Baby Cloth Diapers
And here’s why I’m a terrible reviewer–I couldn’t get any action shots of this amazing diaper. Why? Because my husband, who cares for our son during the day, always reaches for this diaper first and it’s buried in the pail before I get home! All of our MooMoo Baby get used first around here! I honestly don’t know the last time I got to touch one because they’re all used up first thing every day! I just can’t wait to get more!

MooMoo Baby Adjustable AIO!

The few camera-free times I have had the great honor to use these diapers, I have had nothing short of a great experience. I love that I finally have an all-in-one adjustable option. Most AIO’s are sized and can tend to be a rather expensive investment.
Mr Lincoln Buys Cloth Diapers
MooMoo Baby’s are still going to run you a few President Lincoln’s, a piece, much like many other fantastic diapers, but with this new adjustable option, it’s an investment we can finally afford. The shell-snaps on these diapers are also crazy strong.
Our little guy, who is big into removing his diaper at nap time, can’t budge this stuff. It’s like, space shell-snaps or something! We’ve always been big shell-snaps people, also, so it’s nice having some that don’t wear as easily as all of our other diapers. Even the diapers we got off the swap–after being used by another mama–were in perfect condition! They were slightly pilly on the inside, but that never changes the function of the diaper. However, the shell-snaps looked as if it had never been used. That’s some darn good shell-snaps.
Moo Moo Baby Cloth Diapers
One of the biggest selling points for me when it comes to these diapers–aside from them keeping him crazy dry, stain-free, and stuck in his diaper without the ability to hulk himself out of it, is their ridiculously trim fit. We have these killer H&M jeans that were handed down to us that I always have to use a disposable for. Yes, I’m ashamed, I have reached for a ‘sposie purely for fashion purposes; but, honestly, I’m sure many others have considered it. But no, not with these diapers. Those jeans slide right over them, and I have to cinch them in a bit! I loved this feature about the Large-sized all-in-ones we had to start with and was nervous that an adjustable option wouldn’t be as trim–but it is!

Okay, I know we’re not supposed to pick favorites, but when you finally find your family’s cloth diaper, you just can’t keep quiet about it. Don’t get me wrong, we have other diapers in our stash that work great, but they’re slowly but surely getting swapped out for these babies.

Have you ever tried MooMoo Baby Cloth Diapers? What was your favorite thing about them?

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