Mother-ease One Size Diapers

Mother-ease One Size Diapers

I ordered three of these to try. Mother-ease has been around for a very long time. In cloth diaper years 1991 is like, so last century…. I had heard so many bad things about these diapers that I was prepared to dislike them intensely. I was somewhat surprised to find that I like many things about this diaper. At under $20 each, it is reasonably priced for someone wanting to start cloth diapering.

This is a one-size-fitted diaper with snaps. It is designed to fold down at the front to fit babies with a smaller rise. I started using this diaper when my baby was about a month old, and it was a little bulky at first. But, this is not a bad choice if you want to use an inexpensive one-size diaper. It is very absorbent, and I use it without the snap-in soaker since my grand-little one still fits in on the folded-down rise.

I’m not too fond of a few things about this diaper, but none are as bad as some people have suggested. Mother-ease is one of the few diaper companies that recommend a wet pail (soaking dirty diapers), and one of the rare companies to encourage the use of bleach. They recommend these things to deal with the fact that this diaper got gray fast. I don’t soak diapers due to the drowning hazard of a bucket of water near a baby. I also don’t soak them since most other manufacturers say that soaking diapers keeps the smell in the diaper longer. While some of my diapers have stains, none of them have turned gray as this one has.

This is also not the best-fitting diaper I have seen. Again, this is a good diaper with a lot going for it. This is a good choice if you want to get a budget-priced one-size-fitted cloth diaper.

These work great with the Air Flow covers. They fit under the Bummis/Thirsties covers, but it was a little hard to tuck the legs in on the smaller sizes.




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