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My Heavy Wetter And Our New Cloth Diaper Hemp Inserts

My Super Soaker And Our New Hemp Inserts

I believe that I have mentioned previously that my little girl is quite a heavy wetter. I have even taken to calling her a super soaker. For months now, her dad and I have been trying to find ways to make her diapers absorbent enough to avoid leaks. I had heard very good things about hemp inserts/doublers so I finally splurged and purchased a few.

My Decision To Try Hemp Inserts

I first decided to give hemp inserts a try because I heard that hemp inserts are very trim while still very absorbent. Due to Jocelyn’s amazing ability to wet through inserts in record time, I almost always have to double stuff her diapers. She is still a pretty small kid so when I double stuff with microfiber inserts her diaper can look like it is as big as she is. Thus, the promise of a trimmer diaper made hemp inserts very appealing to me.

Microfiber Inserts vs Hemp Inserts

I also heard that unlike microfiber inserts, which can leak if they are compressed, hemp inserts hold moisture very well even inside a tight diaper. This too was very appealing to me as Jocelyn fills the microfiber inserts very quickly and then any pressure on the diaper has a tendency to cause leaks at the legs.

Hemp Inserts Are Absorbent And Thin

So, have the hemp liners lived up to all I have heard about them? For the most part, yes they have. From the moment I opened the package, I was excited about the thinness and trimness of the hemp inserts.

When I stuff my pocket diapers, the hemp makes the diaper so trim that it is almost like I forgot the insert! The hemp is also very absorbent. I would stay that having one hemp insert is like have at least the absorbency of 1 ½ microfiber inserts.

I think we have also seen a reduction in compression leaks while using these little inserts. So, all in all, I am very pleased with them and cannot wait to save up and buy a few more!

** UPDATE – You can read my updated post detailing our overnight experience with our new hemp inserts here!

HappyEndings Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Hemp / Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts

HappyEndings Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Hemp / Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts