My New Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper

I often get asked, “Which cloth diaper do you recommend?” Most people don’t always want to hear about all of the brands; they want to know one brand to start with.

Charlie Banana is that brand.


It is an excellent starting diaper and is simple, reliable, functional, and adorable.


Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers are available in the US! They are almost identical to another diaper I reviewed, except they have a front pocket.


I am not a massive fan of the front pocket. For me, putting the inserts in through the front is more troublesome, and I have to make sure to pull enough of it up to soak up my granddaughters’ massive loads of urine. Not fun. But overall, this is not a breaker for me. Charlie Banana thinks the front pockets are nice because you can “remove the inserts without getting your hands dirty.”


I usually open a diaper and use the front to swipe a bit more clean. So for me, this isn’t accurate. However, I also throw my diapers in the wash and let the cycle beat out the inserts. It’s rarely an issue that one doesn’t come out on its own, and out of twentyish diapers running – it’s worth it to me to risk that occasional one not separating.


That being said, I am a huge fan of pocket diapers. I am a huge fan of microfiber inserts, which absorb more and are easier to use in pockets.


I am a massive fan of these microfiber inserts. They are a bit more trim than some of the other options I have on hand, which makes them easy to stuff, and yet, their performance is more than comparable.


These diapers have a very easy-to-use system for sizing. They have a simple elastic band inside the legs that are numbered to know precisely where to place it for your little one.


Then, they tuck safely underneath the pocket flap so they are not bothersome to your cutie.


I am still, unfortunately, not using cloth at night. My granddaughter is a tummy sleeper and often leaks. Therefore, I can’t fully put these diapers to the test for an overnighter.


My granddaughter snuggles nicely in these diapers.

She seems more than comfy in her Charlie Banana.


Where to Get Yours

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