Mom Of 5 Cloth Diapered Kids

Cloth Diapering a Large Family

Susan lives in Utah with her family. She has been blessed with 5 beautiful children and has used cloth diapers since her first was born! Here she shares her...
Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Cleaning Cloth Diapers Guide – Keep It Simple

First off, relax! Cleaning cloth diapers are so easy!! Just try to keep it simple, find a good routine and stick with it. What To Do With the Dirty...
Newborn Cloth Diaper Starter Lot Lil Joey Size

Types of Cloth Diapers

Styles of Cloth Diapers   When it comes to the types of cloth diapers, it seems like most of them would be about the same. However, cloth diapers actually vary...
Prefold Cloth Diapers And Covers

Prefold Cloth Diapers And Covers

When most people look at a prefold cloth diapers and covers they think of their grandma pinning it and covering it with a huge white plastic cover.  However, this traditional...
Best Cloth Diaper Inserts For Heavy Wetters Featured

What Are The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts For Heavy Wetters?

Cloth diapers are a smart decision for most parents – they are more cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and made without harsh chemicals like standard disposable diapers. But when you...
Irritant Diaper Dermatitis 2

Answers To Your Diaper Rash Questions [SOLVED]

What Is A Diaper Rash   Overview   According to WebMD, a rash on the skin under the diaper is referred to as "Diaper Rash." Diaper rash is common in infants and...
Diaper Rash Options

Diaper Rash Options – My Experience

Despite all the wonderful benefits cloth diapers provide for a baby’s skin, sometimes rashes do occur. Yes, the ugly truth is that rashes can happen even with cloth...
Witch Hazel Diaper Rash Spray

Witch Hazel Diaper Rash Spray ~ When It Hurts Too Much...

While raising five kids, I have had my share of severe diaper rash. I am so thankful for all of the things I learned from Grandma Jo, but...
Adult Cloth Diaper 3

Cloth Diapers For Adults or Disposables?

Items mentioned in this article were obtained from the Cloth Diapers For Adults category.   What are the Differences between Disposable and Cloth Diapers For Adults?   How can you decide...
Bambo Nature Baby Diapers Size 2 7 13 Lbs

Bambo Nature Diapers: What you REALLY want to know!

Check out the special deals on Bambo Nature Diapers at Amazon. Bambo Nature Diapers: What you REALLY want to know!   When I was pregnant, I imagined a whole landfill...
Rumparooz Diaper Cover Review

Rumparooz One Size Cover Review

An honest opinion of Rumparooz one size diaper covers after 15 months of cloth diapering.   Rumparooz First Impressions   Our cloth diapering experience began 15 months ago with a variety...
Happy World Smile Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Main

Happy World Smile Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

Looking for a reason to smile? Well, look no further than World Smile Day - an actual holiday that occurs on the first Friday in October each year.   Happy...