Quality Cloth Diapers On A Budget

Quality Cloth Diapers On A Budget

If you are searching for affordable cloth diapers that are long-lasting, well made, and imperishable, then look no further because I have got you covered!

There are so many styles of cloth diapers, and let’s face it, being a new mother can be confusing in itself, let alone trying to find a set of cloth diapers that not only suits your lifestyle and child, but also those that don’t break the bank! With that being said, there are many impeccable brands out on the market that make fantastic budget-friendly cloth diapers.

Different types of cloth diapers

When beginning your search for the perfect cloth diaper there are many things to take into consideration. Durability, practicality, comfortability, and leak resistance are the top four things I contemplate when looking for new cloth diapers.

Before you log onto Amazon, whip out your debit card, and make a commitment that you may come to regret, it is important to sort through all of the new jargon being thrown your way. I will be discussing the top three most popular types of cloth diapers with you today. After all, you definitely don’t enter the war with one weapon at your disposal.

  • Covers: Covers are a waterproof diaper that surrounds an absorbent inner diaper. There are ample pros when it comes to covers. They can be used multiple times before needing to be washed, they provide amazing leak protection, they have snap and velcro enclosures, and you don’t really need all that many to complete your diaper stash.
  • All In One: All-In-One’s are about as close to disposables as you’re going to get when it comes to cloth diapers. One thing I absolutely adore about them is that they include all of the components you look for in a diaper. They’re form-fitting, absorbent, and waterproof. When it comes to pros, there are a bunch! There’s no hassle trying to stuff a liner into your cloth diaper, there is no need for a separate cover, and they are daycare friendly.
  • All In Two: All-In-Two’s are made up of a waterproof outer shell that has a removable liner on the inside that snaps into place against your babies skin. You can easily change out inserts once they’re soiled and replace them without having to wash the outer shell repetitively. The fact that they are super simple, dry quickly, and have snap closures are some of the many benefits of an AIT.

Top Four Cloth Diapers For Budget-Minded Parents

Now that we have covered a few different types of cloth diapers and everything to consider when picking them out, let’s get to what you have all been waiting for! My top four cloth diaper bundles that are available on Amazon!

Momma Koala (Six Pack)

This six-pack includes six cloth diapers and 6 inserts. They have adjustable snaps that are perfect for babies that weigh between eight and thirty-five pounds. They are waterproof, breathable, ultra-absorbent, and best of all they grow with your baby.
Momma Koala Cloth Diaper

Wegreeco (Six Pack)

This is a set that includes six cloth diapers and six bamboo inserts. Like the Koala diapers, they have adjustable snaps that allow the cloth diapers to fit your baby until they grow up to thirty-five pounds. They also come in cute, stylish prints for both boys and girls. These diapers have a 100% polyester anti-leak and waterproof exterior that will prevent accidents. This set also comes with a wet bag, which really comes in handy when you’re out in public and don’t want to use a grocery bag to store your dirty diapers!
Wegreeco Cloth Diaper


This set includes six cloth diapers and TWELVE inserts! They are BPA free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, and Lead-Free. They have an elastic leg area so that your baby remains comfortable while wearing them.
Alva Cloth Diapers


This includes one cloth diaper and two liners. It comes in so many precious and modern patterns (My favorite being the narwhal print). The outer layer is polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU. The inner layer consists of suede cloth and does not hold moisture itself. The moisture is drawn away to the insert to keep your baby dry. Each diaper comes with a three-layer microfiber insert.
Alva Cloth Diaper With Liners
There you have it! I hope you found this post helpful and intriguing. Have a wonderful day mommas!

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