Shocking Truth Of Where Rumparooz Are Produced?

Where Are Rumparooz Currently Made?

I love my Rumparooz! However, I recently did some research and was shocked to find out where exactly they are made! I had always assumed because the designer lived here in the USA, that they were probably made here too, right? Wrong!

Currently, Rumparooz are designed by the company CEO here in the states, produced in a factory located in China, and then warehoused in several locations for international distribution.

You can find Rumparooz on Amazons’ website here.


Where Did Rumparooz Get Its Start?

Chad and Julie Ekstrom lived in the little town of Golden, Colorado, with their two daughters. They had only recently welcomed their second daughter, Autumn, to the family when they discovered she had developed quite a sensitivity to disposable diapers. Little Autumn also made big messes that disposable diapers did not have the dominion to combat.

Chad and Julie went on the hunt for solutions.

But, for all their research and product sampling, they got nowhere. So, the diligent parents decided to invent an entirely new diaper that met all their needs, from scratch.

In their small-town kitchen, Chad and Julie combined their knowledge, skills, and tools to mastermind a one-of-a-kind cloth diaper. The result was a diaper with features that did not compromise quality, functionality, health, or safety the way disposable diapers often do.

And that was how the first Rumparooz was born.

After patenting her design a year later, in 2007, Julie caught public attention. In no time, she got Rumparooz requests from parents and retailers eager to sample or sell her product. And, just like that, the Rumparooz graduated from being a kitchen experiment into being a full-blown business.

Eventually, and to keep up with demand, Julie partnered with an employee-owned company in China to manufacture her products. Her affections for healthy kids and high-quality living compelled her to visit the company in person to affirm its ethics and practices in person.

According to Julie, the company was not of the typical sweatshop-variety. In fact, after observing the workers in their natural environment, Julie was left with the impression that the company’s team operated more like a close-knit family with lots of love and happiness to share. Additionally, not only had the company maintained eco-friendly standards, but it also manufactured organic garments and had even built preschools!

Together with her manufacturing partner, Julie was able to obtain an alphabet soup of certifications (IMO GTS, FWF, SGS, and OEKO-TEX), and both she and her manufacturer strictly adhered to all standards required by the CPSIA.

Roughly thirteen years and three kids later, Julie’s Rumparooz design is still thriving. Now the CEO of Kangacare, the official name of her Rumparooz business, Julie continues to convey her innovative designs to her manufacturer in China, who then turns her prototypes into a reality. The manufacturer will distribute the resulting products to various warehouses. In addition to being available online, Rumparooz products are shipped to and sold in retail stores across Europe, Asia, and even Oceania!

From Colorado, where they’re nothing more than prototypes, to the warehouse in China, to your home, Rumparooz products experience quite the journey. And that’s just the beginning. Here’s a list of some of the most current Rumparooz products, along with their pros, cons, and reviews.

Rumparooz Cloth Diapers


Kangacare’s Rumparooz is currently offering two different cloth diaper options:

The One-Size Cloth Diaper –
The One-Size Cloth Diaper is a pocket cloth diaper system designed to accommodate children anywhere from 6-35lbs. It comes with the Rumparooz standard patented leak protection technology, 6∙r Soaker pads, and a butt-ton of print options.


  • This diaper can grow with your child.
  • The 6∙r Soaker pads are customizable for absorbency.
  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials are better both for baby and the environment.
  • The lead-free snap closure comes with a lifetime snap warranty.
  • You can save money over time.
  • Kangacare’s website is currently offering a point system as well as financing options and free shipping on orders over $75.


  • The upfront costs are expensive.
  • You may experience design malfunctions.
  • The sizes run kind of small.
  • You may experience leakages.

The Lil Joey Newborn and Preemie AIO (All In One) –

The Lil Joey is a cloth diaper designed for babies from 4-12lbs. It also comes with the patented Rumparooz leak protection technology. This diaper requires no stuffing or cover.


  • This diaper comes with a snap-down front for sensitive cord care.
  • Especially small infants may better benefit from the Lil Joey than the One-Size.
  • Four layers of microfiber are sewn into the diaper to avoid the need for stuffing.
  • There is a legion of available print options.


  • You may experience leakages.
  • Its small size may make it difficult to clean.
  • It is expensive.

Newborn Cloth Diaper Starter Lot Lil Joey Size

Rumparooz Covers


Romparooz’s Cloth Diaper Covers are available in three different trims:

This Rumparooz cover design complements the Rumparooz’s One-Size cloth diapers.

  • This cover may be used multiple times before washing.
  • It fits most fitted and pre-folded diapers.
  • You have a wide variety of print options.


  • You may experience leakages.
  • You may experience design malfunctions

Newborn –
This Rumparooz cover design complements the Rumparooz’s Lil Joey Newborn and Preemie AIO (All In One).

  • This cover offers added diaper protection for infants from 4-15lbs.


  • You may experience leakages.
  • You may experience design malfunctions.
  • The company may consider leakages an invalid reason to request a return.
  • It is expensive.

Wool –
This cover is unique and differs from the others. Made out of stretchy and soft knit wool, it comes in two sizes.

  • The wool is breathable.
  • The material is absorbent.
  • Size 1 fits babies from 8-20lbs.
  • Size 2 fits babies from 15-35lbs.


  • This product is currently unavailable on Amazon.
  • It is expensive.


If you’d like to learn more about washing wool, start with our Cloth Diaper Wool Covers ~ Washing? Lanolin? article.

Ecoposh Wool Cloth Diaper Cover

Lil Learnerz Training Pants


These potty-training pants can grow with your child.

  • These pants are designed with IMWET technology, which allows your child to feel wetness.
  • They are easy to pull up and down like real underwear.
  • The inside is filled with absorbent, dual-layer microfiber.
  • The sizing goes from XS-XL.
  • The X sizes feature convenient side snaps in case your child has an accident.


  • You may experience leakages.
  • You may experience design malfunctions.
  • You may experience difficulty with sizing.

Lil Learnerz Training Pants

Rumparooz New Spring 2020 Arrivals


As of May 1, 2020, Kangacare is promoting more than just diapers and diaper covers. In addition to the newly released and limited edition print themes, they are also offering wet bags, changing pads, doll diapers, themed plush toys and animals, and even penguin-shaped and monster-shaped travel bottles!


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