Rumparooz One Size Cover Review

An honest opinion of Rumparooz one size diaper covers after 15 months of cloth diapering.

Rumparooz First Impressions

Our cloth diapering experience began 15 months ago with a variety rental pack from our local diaper store.  We were able to rent several different styles and brands for 12 weeks to figure out what worked best for our family. Our rental included newborn and one size Rumparooz covers. After a few weeks, we quickly began to favor Rumparooz covers.

Our son was over 8 pounds and 22 inches long at birth so when it came time to start our own stash we went straight for the one-size covers. He is now 25 pounds and 35 inches. We have been able to use the same covers since bringing him home!

With other diaper covers, we have had leaks around the legs but have yet to experience leaks or blowouts with Rumparooz covers. Another reason to love this cover is that the elastic is still going strong 15 months later!

We have just found out baby number 2 is on the way and Rumparooz covers were the first thing I added to our baby registry (after a double stroller).
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Ease Of Use

We use these covers during the day with a prefold. I can reuse the same cover all day if I fold the prefold just right. I went through more covers a day when our son was exclusively breastfeeding and had more frequent poops. However, if we used a fitted diaper instead of a prefold we were able to get more wears per cover before washing. For breastfeeding mamas, if you are worried about stains in the diapers, a few hours in the sun always made the diapers look brand new (even after a big poop!)
We had a few aplix closure covers to use during the newborn stage but prefer using snaps now. In my opinion, the snaps hold up better than aplix and are harder for toddlers to take off. That being said, snaps are also harder to fasten on squirmy toddlers. As we prepare for number 2, I will order a few aplix covers to use during the first few months but I still prefer snaps in the long run.
When we have a babysitter or grandparent watching our son we typically do not use Rumparooz and prefolds because it can be tricky to fold the prefold and snap the cover correctly. We try to make it easy and just use all in ones when someone else is in charge. However, my mom has since learned to use Rumparooz with an insert instead of a prefold and she seems to like that. We’ve tried to teach her how to tri-fold and jelly roll the prefolds but she isn’t quite there yet.
We have two different sized prefolds that we typically use with Rumparooz covers. I trifold the smaller prefolds and place them in the cover and this is what we use throughout the day. With this method, we change our son every 2-3 hours so it may not be the best for heavy wetters. When we use bamboo all in ones my son can make it 4-5 hours in one diaper.  

At nap time I use a larger size prefold with a snappi and my son is able to sleep 2-3 hours on his belly without any leaks.  We currently do not use them for overnight because I prefer a pocket diaper that I can customize for absorption needs. However, they did work well over fitted diapers as a nighttime option when we would change our son halfway through the night.

Rumparooz Smallest Size

Rumparooz Largest Size


The Fit

According to the manufacturers, the one size covers will last from birth to potty training and accommodate weights from 6 to 35+ pounds. The covers have 4 rise levels that can be adjusted as baby grow which has been great for our tall, thin boy. He is on the last rise level with two columns of snaps in the middle. This allows for the diaper to be tight around his legs but be high enough to cover his prefold. The double gussets on the legs also help cinch in the prefolds/fitteds and have prevented any leaks! While some diapers have droopy “wings” we have never found this to be a problem with Rumparooz.

Rumparooz Fit At 3 Months

Rumparooz Fit At 15 Months



The 6 Rumparooz covers we currently use have been in rotation for at least 1 year. I wash them with Tide Powder and hang them to dry 2-3 times a week. The elastics are as springy as the day I bought them. The PUL remains waterproof, unstained and without stink. My son enjoys playing outside on the patio with just a diaper so we do have some picks on the PUL.  The picks do not affect function but I do have diapers I’ve christened as “play diapers” and ones we do not wear outside. For the price, these have held up extremely well

Rumparooz Play Diaper
“Play” diaper with picked PUL


Final Thoughts


Here are the pros and cons of this diaper cover.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • One size
  • Multiple colors/patterns


  • Bulky
  • Will pick over time

Overall, Rumparooz one-size covers have remained our favorite cloth diaper option. When we first started our cloth journey, my husband thought he could only handle all in one diapers. Now he prefers using prefolds with Rumparooz covers. They have held up well over the last 15 months minus a little wear and tear from scooting across the concrete. These diapers have adjusted with our son as he grew from a chunky baby to a skinny toddler. We’ve had no leaks or messes to date!

The biggest complaint I have is that they can be a bit bulky if you put them on top of a large prefold or fitted diaper. We do have to size up on pants for our son to accommodate his fluff butt. However, the diapers are so cute that in the summer we just let him wear a diaper and shirt! If you can’t tell from the pictures his favorite diaper is the orange one.


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