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Smartipants is a one-size sleeve style cloth diaper. Smartipants‘ motto is “smarter than the average diaper,” and I have to agree.

“As a company, Smartipants is committed to making cloth diapering not only easy but affordable. Our mission is to provide smart parents with smart solutions. We are dedicated to being 100% green, environmentally friendly, economical, and determined to keep our diapers proudly made by mothers in the United States of America!” -Smartipants

I love products that are made right here in the USA, so it makes Smartipants a smart choice for my family. I love the idea of mothers being able to make a living from home while being able to stay home with their children. Smartipants are making this happen for many women.

SmartiPants Sleeve Diaper

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Smartipants are a simple diapering solution. The diaper consists of a waterproof outer shell with a sewn-in stay-dry sleeve. You simply stuff the sleeve with the provided Polyester-Nylon insert. The best part about this diapering system is the ease of washing. With a typical pocket diaper, you must remove the soiled insert before placing the diaper in the wash. With Smartipants sleeve-style diaper the insert is designed to agitate out of the diaper in the washing machine. This means you don’t have to do anything. Just place the diaper in the wash, and the washing machine does the work. That is my kind of diaper!

So how do Smartipants work?

We loved this diaper. It was very easy to stuff and fit my daughter perfectly. One big difference in the Smartipants diaper and many other pocket diaper systems is the special leak guard technology. Smartipants has an isolated insert lining. So what is an isolated insert lining? Basically, the diaper sleeve or pocket is isolated to the center of the diaper. It does not extend completely to the edge. Why does this matter? It helps prevent leaking. Many of you have probably experienced the fleece pocket leak. That would be the leak from the fleece of the pocket diaper extending out of the diaper and making the cover wet. With Smartipants this is not an issue. Since the sleeve only extends through the center of the diaper, there is no “fleece leak.”

No Unstuffing Required

This one size diaper does have many good points, including the fact that no unstuffing is required before washing. Instead of a pocket opening or a sham pocket opening like most pocket diapers, this diaper has a pouch built into the stay-dry lining.

Since the pouch is open on both ends, it is easy to stuff and it comes unstuffed in the washer all by itself. I’ve tested it several times, even with two inserts, and it comes unstuffed each time without any help from me.

Smartipants Are Budget Friendly

The price is also nice if you are on a budget. These are the cheapest reliable one size diapers I have seen. I am always nervous about inexpensive diapers – since with cloth diapers you almost always get what you pay for! Cheap diapers are usually exactly that – cheap – since the maker must cut corners somewhere to keep costs down. The SmartiPants diapers are well-made despite their lower prices, and they are made in the USA.

What About The Smartipants Fit

Overall the fit is really good. It is not as bulky as some one size diapers and the fit at the waist is great even on my tiny girl. The fit is loose at the legs though and we have consistently had leaks after even short periods of time. The fit is perfect on her 26 pound 16 month old cousin, so they are great for average or heavier babies. In all fairness, at least half of my little girl’s medium diapers now are loose at the legs and we have a lot of different brands and styles of diapers, so she is an unusual size and very hard to fit. However, I am not sure this diaper would fit a baby smaller than mine.

While the rise adjusts with the front snaps, it does not change the size of the leg openings and the isolated insert system seems to allow wetness to come right out at the legs when she is crawling and climbing. Even with the diaper snapped to the smallest setting (making the rise too short), it is still too loose in the legs for my 18 pound baby. A chunky-thighed baby should have no problems from about 12 pounds or so, a thinner child like mine will likedly not get a good fit with SmartiPants.

Smartipants Are Super Soaker Tested!

This diaper was great not only for daytime use but also night times and naps. When I used this diaper overnight or for naps, I simply double stuffed (or triple stuffed) the pocket and was good to go. When it was time to wash it couldn’t have been more simple. I just dumped all the soiled diapers in the wash, and nothing else was needed. Just like they say the inserts agitated out in the washing machine. Everything came out of the wash smelling fresh and clean.

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive, and high-quality diaper, you should definitely give Smartipants a shot. It really can’t get any easier than this.


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