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Step By Step How We Stopped Leaky Cloth Diapers


An Overnight Update With My Hemp Inserts

In previous posts, I have mentioned that we struggle with containing overnight leaks. This is true whether we use cloth or disposable. It is very difficult for either to contain my heavy wetter’s 12- 13 hours of soiling. Consequently, my quest over the past few weeks has been trying to eliminate these overnight leaks.

Pocket Diapers With Hemp Inserts

Although I could have given up on pockets and tried another system, my stubbornness wanted to keep trying to make my pocket diapers leak-free during the nighttime hours. That is my stubbornness and my wallet, which did not want to buy a bunch of new diapers only to find out that they did not work either!

First Step

My first step in eliminating nighttime leaks was to use what I already had. I read on the bumGenius website that some overnight leaking can be remedied by adjusting the diaper to one size larger than used during the daytime. In order to remember which diapers were set to a larger size, I picked one color of my diapers to be set aside as nighttime diapers. For me, all my white diapers are overnight diapers. Although this did not solve all my leak problems, it was definitely a step in the right direction.

Second Step

My second step was to tweak the way I was putting in the inserts. I was getting a lot of leaks out of the top front. My little wetter is a tummy sleeper so that is where all the soiling gathers. In the past, I pushed the insert all the way to the top of the diaper thinking that this would be the most absorbent. However, I discovered that this caused the PUL layer to be pulled out from her tummy and allowed her PJs to touch the inner part of the diaper. Obviously, this was causing leaks. I figured out that if I did not put the inserts so close to the top of the diaper, many leaks were solved.

Third Step

My third step was to buy some hemp inserts. I have ended up loving my hemp inserts because they seem to hold about 1 ½ times the soiling of my microfiber inserts and they are not as susceptible to compression leaks.


Mission Accomplished

Once I started sizing my diaper a size larger than the daytime setting, stuffing my diaper correctly and using two hemp inserts almost all of my nighttime leaks disappeared. Mission accomplished!

HappyEndings Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Hemp / Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts

HappyEndings Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Hemp / Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts