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Pocket Diapers

These are uncertain times. As we look to see what we can cut down on monthly, anyone with babies can benefit financially from using modern pocket diapers. We are going to help you figure out how to get the best pocket diapers for your budget!

Selecting The Best Pocket Diapers

Cloth diapers are not what they used to be. They wash well, are versatile for swimming, and adjust to different sizes for your growing baby. They do all of this with a one time fee, saving hundreds a year, and cut down on an enormous amount of unnecessary waste.

Modern pocket diapers are changing the game of what we picture with traditional messy cloth diapers. No more complicated wrapping and worrying about safety pins. And best of all, they can be delivered right to your door while you and your family while you are social distancing. Supporting local retailers and independent artists matters more than ever.

Let’s dive into specific companies that make cloth diapers, and the independent local artists that make them.
Pocket Cloth Diaper Features

What are Pocket Diapers?

Pocket Diapers are an all in one, layered cloth diaper. They have a waterproof outer layer, a stay-dry layer underneath, and since it’s all sewn together, there is no need for diaper covers. The diaper is sewn into a front pocket snap enclosure. They are made with fleece, breathable materials, and two laminated layers. They are versatile and can be adjusted into different sizes for your growing baby.
Pocket Cloth Diaper Baby


The average baby uses eight to ten diapers a day. On average, a family would spend around $900 for the year for disposable diapers. By using pocket diapers, the one time cost would be around $100 (for a supply of ten diapers, they are around $10 on average.) The one-time fee will cut down on monthly expenses.

With companies like FuzziBunz, a variety of prices, materials like fleece, and options for fit almost any budget are available. With free shipping over $99, and free returns or exchanges for the first thirty days. No matter what company you go with, consider choosing from a small business, a local retailer or an independent artist.
Best Pocket Diapers

Cost-effective High-quality Products


  1. Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers
  2. Fuzzi Bunz is a leading company for pocket diapers, and there is a reason for that. The small business invented the pocket diaper and is the leading company for pocket diapers and customer service. This small business was started by a young mom that was frustrated with her baby’s chronic diaper rash. She invented the modern pocket diaper with breathable materials and laminated fabric layers.

  3. Kawaii Cloth Diapers
  4. Kawaii Cloth Diapers uses eco-friendly materials like bamboo. This company is also a small business and created by a mom with a baby that has sensitive skin.

  5. Bella Rose Cloth Diapers: Etsy Site
  6. Bella Rose is run by an independent small business owner. This Etsy site delivers fast shipping, and great customer service, with unique patterns. This is definitely one to check out.

  7. Prairie Rose Baby: Etsy Site
  8. Prairie Rose Baby is a top-rated Etsy site. The site features brightly colored designs and a variety of materials to choose from. It’s a great site that supports an independent artist. All items are handmade. 0l>

    Cloth Diapers Good For Planet
    Photo Credit: Dr. Jane Goodall


    Environmentally Friendly


    On average, in just the United States alone, 3.5 million tons of waste from disposable diapers are thrown into landfills annually. By the use of cloth diapers, and especially the simple pocket diaper design, the cut down on waste is tremendous.
    Handmade Pocket Diapers 21288919

    Versatility for long wear and washing

    The great thing about pocket diapers is they are made to bend, flex and conform to your baby’s body for a snug fit without leaving rashes. With multiple front snaps on pocket diapers, the same diaper can be used over and over as your baby grows and adjusts to different sizes. This cuts out waste of having leftover disposable diapers and not being able to use them as your baby grows. This is a great option for babes with sensitive skin that would easily rash with synthetic disposable materials.

    Let’s talk about washing. Washing pocket diapers and cloth diapers aren’t as scary as it sounds! Don’t be afraid of the poop. With laminated layers, cloth diapers are easy to wash. With poopy diapers, they can be sprayed down and waste gets flushed down the toilet. Many retailers offer bags to hold dirty cloth diapers in diaper bags and sprays to use in between washing.
    Best Pocket Cloth Diaper

    If you’d like to learn about cloth diaper cleaning, start with our Cleaning Cloth Diapers Properly – Super Easy, Super Helpful Guide article.



    There’s a lot of opinions swirling around about whether or not pocket diapers can be used as swim diapers. Let’s face it, regular swim diapers are not real diapers. They’re not absorbent like regular disposable diapers, and blowouts are bound to happen. Pocket Diapers are meant to be absorbent, without swelling with water, and can fit under any swimsuit comfortably.

    Again, almost any pocket diaper can be used for swimming. Using a pocket diaper is especially better for babes with sensitive skin. Many disposable diapers leave rashes and are not comfortable for long wear. The suggestion is that once a pocket diaper has been used as a swim diaper, to keep using the same one for only swimming.

    Many websites have other reusable products for swim-time such as sun hats, bags, wet bags, wipes and more for any budget.

    Pocket Cloth Diapering Resources

    Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Reach out to companies and independent retailers about details on their products and advice. Here are some great resources for parents beginning to use pocket diapers:

    Facebook Groups:

Don’t forget to reach out to companies you purchase from with advice for washing and new products. All of these companies are top-rated for customer service, fast shipping, and free returns.

Website Resources:


If you’d like to learn more about pocket diapers, start with our Pocket Cloth Diapers With Inserts, A Complete Guide article.


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