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The Case For Newborn Cloth Diapers

It never fails. At every single Cloth Diapering 101 Class, I get asked the same question: Are newborn diapers essential? They seem like a waste of money. This post will explore the advantages of using newborn cloth diapers. Here are some questions to help you determine whether newborn cloth diapers are the right choice for you! 


Would you like to cloth diaper your baby from birth? 

This is perhaps the biggest question to ask yourself. If the answer is yes, then newborn-sized cloth diapers are a must. But why? Most one-size cloth diapers claim that they will fit a baby from 6lbs to 32lbs. While this may be true, the problem to consider is that newborns often have very small tighs and legs. In addition, the crotch space in one-size diapers tends to be too wide for newborns, creating a “froggy” or wide-leg spread look or the dreaded “camel toe” when the extra fabric folds into itself. 

Image courtesy of Fiction Flight and Everything Nice


I’ve found that it’s not the diaper size that’s a problem for a newborn, but rather the length of the diaper in the crotch area. If you compare the pictures above, you can see that even though this baby is about 10lbs, the Lil Joeys (featured picture) have less fabric, double gussets (like disposables), and a snugger fit around the baby’s legs (preventing leaks). Though the one size in the second picture looks great, you can see a bit of bunching around the baby’s crotch area. If you would like to use cloth diapers from birth, the newborn cloth diapers are for you!


How big is my baby? And how long will he use the newborn diapers?

If this is your first baby, there is no way of telling how much your baby will weigh upon birth. However, you will generally have a better idea of how much your baby will weigh for subsequent babies. The general guideline is; if your baby weighs less than 8lbsnewborn cloth diapers are an excellent investment because of the length of time your baby will probably spend using them. If your baby is more than 8lbs, newborn cloth diapers are great because they offer a better fit. However, your baby will likely grow into one-size diapers faster.

Question #3

Do I plan on having any more children? 

Perhaps of all of the questions, this is the most important. If you plan to have more babies, then using newborn cloth diapers is a great idea! They can be used for baby then put away until the next one comes, saving you money multiple times while giving you a great fit!

Did you use newborn cloth diapers with your little ones?