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The Ultimate Budget Pocket Diaper

I’m all about saving money. And you probably know by now that the reason I got into cloth diapering was to avoid buying disposable diapers cause why are they so stinking expensive, right? And then I just fell into the world of cloth, and sometimes the price tags on diapers can be kind of insane. Not that they’re not worth it, but when you first start looking at cloth diapers, there’s some sticker shock. However…it IS possible to invest in cloth diapers without a substantial initial investment. In my quest to provide you with info on all things budget-friendly (especially when it comes to cloth diapering), I thought it was just about time to talk about 
Kawaii Diapers.

When my wonderful sister-in-law passed down her stash of diapers to us, I was clueless about cloth diapers. I didn’t know the different types, and I did not recognize any brands other than BumGenius.

It took me longer than I’m willing to admit that the Kawaii’s we were using weren’t 4.0s. Please don’t laugh at me! They’re really, really similar. A few marked differences would be Kawaii’s hip snap and super stretchy wings, but the two brands are very similar overall. But there is one significant difference: the price. While a BumGenius pocket will have you handing over an Andrew Jackson, you can grab a Kawaii with two microfiber inserts for half as much. Seconds quality and preowned will be much cheaper.

Honestly, if I were starting my stash from scratch, I’d begin with these. They’re excellent quality, comparable to big brand pockets, and super affordable. I’ve never had an issue with ours!

If you’re looking at trying out cloth, but you don’t want to invest in big names just yet, OR if you’re just looking to bulk up your stash, Kawaii diapers are a great option. They also have a pretty sturdy nighttime diaper that only costs $11.95 at Diaper Junction.

So, budget-minded friends, don’t be afraid to invest in big-name diapers but don’t be scared to try out the cheaper ones as well. (Also, Kawaii diapers have the cutest prints!) You might be pleasantly surprised.