What’s The Best Budget USA Made Cloth Diaper?

It can seem like a second job trying to figure out which cloth diaper to use for your baby. Which are USA Made Cloth Diaper? Which ones are affordable?

Thirstie’s cloth diapers are the best choice for families on a budget that want cloth diapers made in the USA. Thirsties diapers source most of their materials from the USA and manufacture their diapers in Colorado. Thirsties Duo Wrap covers are known for their high quality and affordable prices. Pair these with inserts or prefolds to complete the cloth diaper.

Thirsties is a clear winner since they are fully made in the USA and for their price. There are a few runners up that are also worth looking in to.

Why USA Made Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are made all around the world. Why would you want to only buy diapers USA made cloth diapers? There are actually a few important reasons for parents to choose this.


Support Local Economies

When you purchase USA made cloth diapers, you support local jobs along the entire chain of production. Some of these cloth diaper companies source their raw materials from the US. Farmers supply manufacturers with cotton to make the fibers that are used in inserts and prefolds. Factories or work from home moms assemble these cloth diapers. Last, you support local stores and businesses by buying these cloth diapers.

Through this one decision, you can secure jobs for many Americans participating in different parts of our economy. When you are shopping for your diapers, check to see where your diapers were manufactured and where their source material comes from.

Protect the Environment

The United States has stricter environmental regulations than many other countries. Some of these countries that are popular to outsource manufacturing to don’t have as many rules protecting the environment. Also, other countries that produce materials for cloth diapers may not have the same regulations regarding disposal of factory wastes.

Ensure Fair Working Conditions

We all love a great deal. Unfortunately some of the dirt-cheap cloth diapers you find online create further income inequality. New cloth diapers can only be sold at rock bottom prices if someone along the chain of production is underpaid. Many times, factory workers in other countries aren’t paid a living wage. Their working conditions could also be dangerous. Factories in the USA have regulations to ensure safe working conditions.

Safe Materials

You could be taking a gamble when you buy cloth diapers made in other countries. There is no way to know if they contain hazardous chemicals. USA made cloth diaper whose materials are also sourced from the USA are free from troublesome materials and chemicals.

Types Of Diapers

Cloth diapers come in many styles. Certain styles tend to be cheaper because of their construction. When searching for cloth diapers, it’s important to take into consideration your family’s lifestyle as well as your budget.

Prefolds/ Fitteds and Covers

Prefold diapers with covers are generally the most budget-friendly option for cloth diapering. Covers are waterproof outer shells that contain the contents of the diaper. Prefolds are rectangular absorbent cloths that soak up and hold liquids. Unbleached cotton, hemp, and bamboo are popular choices for these workhorses. They are divided into thirds and their middle third has extra layers for absorbency. Prefolds are wrapped around baby and secured with a fastener or are folded and placed in a waterproof cover.

Covers can also pair with inserts for an easier diaper change. Inserts function and look similar to menstrual pads. They have a few absorbent layers of material sewn together. These inserts are simply placed in covers and switched out whenever they become soiled.

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers have a waterproof shell with a piece of fabric sewn in to hold inserts. The pocket is usually made from a fabric that wicks away moisture from baby’s bum. These diapers fit trim on your baby. Pocket diapers are generally a little pricier than covers with inserts or prefolds. They can be prepped ahead of time for daycare or grandmas.


All-in-One diapers function just like disposables. No prepping, snapping or stuffing. The inserts are sewn into the cover of the diaper. They are hands down the easiest, but also come with a higher upfront price.

Flag Photo by Luke Michaelon Unsplash
Flag Photo by Luke Michaelon Unsplash


Best Budget USA Made Cloth Diaper: Thirsties

Thirsties wins this competition. Their diapers are fully made in the USA. The materials are sourced from stateside vendors and they manufacture their diapers in Colorado. Thirsties are then carried by many cloth diaper American businesses. Whatever your reason for USA made cloth diapers, Thirsties has you covered.

Many other companies may make parts of their diapers in the US, but outsource other pieces for cost. Additionally, some are only designed in the USA but completely outsourced for manufacturing. Thirsties are actually made in the USA, be wary of other claims.

Thirsties Duo Wrap covers are a staple in every parent’s cloth diaper collection. The covers are so versatile and easily wipe clean. You can pair these covers with prefolds, fitteds, or inserts.

Close Contenders

Thirsties are the number one pick, but there are a few other diaper brands worth checking out.



Best Bottoms

This is a company you want to support. Best Bottoms are conscientiously made in the USA. Their employees come from their community and neighborhood. They pride themselves on flexible working hours and the ability to bring your children to work any day. Personally, I love their diaper covers because they are made from sturdy material and have double gussets. This extra material around the legs is perfect for catching watery poop. They are a bit pricier than Thirsties, but well worth it if you can splurge a bit.



Lil’ Darlin’s Baby Shop

Lil’ Darlin’s Baby Shop on Etsy, makes hemp inserts that are 55% hemp. The high ratio of hemp to cotton makes these prefolds very absorbent and durable.




The Etsy setter Twinkletoes handmakes their hemp fitteds. Their fitteds are a hemp and cotton mix. They have an inner layer of Zorb. Zorb is a material made from bamboo, cotton, and polyester fibers. Zorb fabric was created to make cloth diapers just as absorbent as disposables. These fitteds would be great for keeping your little one dry through the night.



Green Mountain

Green Mountain sells affordable hemp inserts that are made in the USA. This insert combines organic hemp and cotton for maximum absorbency. Green Mountain employs a work from home grandma to stitch their inserts.

Geffen Baby

Geffen Baby started out as a textile company then shifted into the cloth diaper industry. They make their own fabric which is 60% hemp and 40% cotton for ultimate absorbency. Their inserts are made to be used with any brand of diaper. Whichever, cover you choose, be sure to pick up a few of these very affordable inserts and support home-based manufacturers.



Sassy Cloth

These diapers make it super easy to support homegrown businesses on a budget! The Etsy shop Sassy Cloth diapers have unique prints and are all handmade in the USA. If you have given up on pocket diapers because of their price, check Sassy Cloth out. Their inserts are also generously priced.


This brand is committed to producing healthy diapers free of allergens and chemicals. They source most of their fabrics from the USA and have a factory in Arkansas. Blueberry produces premium quality diapers and is excellent to put on your registry or birthday wishlist. This larger brand is beloved by many parents.

All in one



This company actually employs stay at home moms to make their diapers from home. Buying these diapers directly supports other moms in the USA. Even though these diapers are All in One, they are competitively priced to fit within your budget. Bottombumpers AIOs come with an additional snap-in doubler for nighttime use.

Clover Cloth Creations

These diapers are custom made for you. If you want to splurge a bit, these are the best prints you can find. Browse their catalog to decide on a print. Then you can choose an AIO, AIO with a pocket, AI2, pocket, or cover. While they may be a small company, you can get the customization that isn’t available elsewhere.

A few smaller mom and pop shops


– You can add ruffles to your diapers

Babee Greens

KB Wonders

– Personalized Diaper Embroidery

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