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Very Cheap Cloth Diapers ~ A No Sewing Machine Cloth Diaper

I did some research on cloth diapers, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because I don’t have the money to spend. So I decided the best way to go is to make my own, I looked up videos on youtube on how to do the cloth diapers, but everyone had sewing machines, and fancy fabrics and all sorts of pricey stuff to make their cloth diapers.

What’s Required For a No Sewing Machine Cloth Diaper?


So I thought to myself you really only need four things to make a cloth diaper. I didn’t have a sewing machine, and I don’t have the money to spend on all these materials.

  1. any type of material for the outside.
  2. a waterproof barrier.
  3. a way to keep the diaper on the baby.

So I looked around my house for materials. You can use anything you like, old jeans, a shirt you don’t use, I used my shower curtain! It worked great. Of course, you could use just about anything! I’ve heard about people making no sew cloth diapers out of T-shirts and towels!!

Diy Cloth Diaper Tracing Outline Of Diaper


The Making Of My No Sewing Machine Cloth Diaper

Then I took my baby’s diaper and traces an outline of it onto a piece of paper, make sure you make the outline bigger than the diaper because as you sew the diaper shrinks.

After you have your outline put it on top of your materiel you chose and cut. make sure you cut two pieces.

After you have your two pieces you can add your elastic for the legs, or not. I didn’t use elastic I didn’t have any, and just to let you know my diaper covers don’t leak. They’re fine without it. Or if you really want to use the elastic you can take some from underwear you never use or such.

After you sew your elastic take your waterproof barrier – it can be anything that is waterproof. I went to the dollar store and bought these table placemats that are waterproof and cut it to the shape of the diaper. It was one dollar for 48 of them. Or you can use a shower curtain liner, or a waterproof mattress cover, or waterproof table cloth. Anything like that works.
Dollar Tree Placemats For Diy Cloth Diapers

What I do to make sure the waterproof barrier stays secure to the diaper is I sew them on all four corners to the diaper, I know it pokes a hole through the barrier but your child doesn’t pee at the tip-top of the diaper so you won’t have any issues.

After that take your second piece of cloth and you have two options, you can either make a diaper cover or a pocket diaper. Sew it to your first piece of the cloth. After your done, it should look like you have a diaper.

If you’re doing a pocket diaper be sure not to sew the back end closed, leave that open for you to slide your absorbent material inside the pocket.

Now to keep the diaper together on your baby, you can pin it, I don’t recommend that though. Or you can do velcro or buttons. I used buttons on some and velcro on others, it’s your choice.

Velcro For Cloth Diaper Diy


Just to let you know I sewed all my cloth diapers by hand because I don’t have anything like a sewing machine, it took a lot of time but it saved a lot of money, and they’re wonderful!

I love them and they work great and don’t leak. Remember when you use cloth diapers you do have to change your baby more because when you’re using disposables, they have those beads in them that can just absorb like crazy. But with cloth, it only absorbs so much. So change your baby every three hours, more if needed.

Well, I hope my tips helped. And you can always fool around and get creative and switch things up or add stuff. But I hope some of my tips will lead to better ideas.