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Wallypop Ring Slings, Cloth Diapers One of a Kind Items

Wallypop: Handmade, One of a Kind Baby Carriers, Cloth Diapers and more

Now that you have decided to go the route of using cloth diapers, the decision does not end there. As with disposable diapers, parents much choose which brand they want to use when shopping for cloth diapers. There are a host of different websites and stores that people can go to for their cloth diaper needs. One online store that has made a splash in the cloth diaper industry is Wallypop Diapering.
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The story of the Wallypop Diapering brand is that it started very innocently. A stay-at-home Mom originally was creating cloth diapers for her own children and people took a liking to them so much that she came up with an idea to start selling them online.

Sarah Reid is a mother of 3 and currently residing in Des Moines, Iowa, which is where her business started. When she was pregnant with her first born, soon to be dubbed Wally, whose name would eventually become a part of his mother’s growing business, she decided that she did not want to go the route of using disposable diapers with her son.

She loved to sew and made the choice that sewing her own cloth diapers would be better for her family both with relation in keeping Wally’s health in mind and financially is was a sound decision.

At first, she was just sewing the cloth diapers for her own son, but then people started taking notice of her unique style of cloth diaper. Next thing she knew, she had family members and close friends asking her to make an exception and sew some cloth diapers for their children as well.

Being a stay-at-home Mom is one of the hardest and yet rewarding job that any woman can have, but let’s be honest, it’s a thankless job that doesn’t pay the bills. So, Sarah decided to try her hand at creating an online business where she could sell her creations.

According to her website, Wally is now a whopping 14-years-old and her business is still up and running, even though she no longer needs her cloth diapers for her family personally.
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Why Choose Wallypop Diapering?

When first looking at the website, it is obvious that these clothes diapers are different than what people imagine when thinking of cloth diapers. They are nowhere near the plain yellow and white colored cloth diapers that people have grown accustomed to, but they have their own personality.

Wallypop Essential Fitted Diapers



  • The are made to shape perfectly around your baby’s bottom and are super-absorbent, which is a plus for parents who have super soaker babies.
  • These unique diapers have a host of printed designs that add a little style to your cloth diaper choices.
  • If you don’t see a design that you are looking for or want to for your baby, they allow you to order a custom design that is unique to your baby.
  • Some designs that are currently available are:
    • Cowboy, which reminds us of the Sheriff Woody from Toy Story
    • Flame, that will add a certain flair to any baby wearing them
    • Dog prints, for all the dog lovers out there
    • Pink Skulls, can’t forget about the girls


  • Something to note about these diapers is that they are not waterproof, so keep them dry on the outside with a diaper cover.

Boulevarddesigns Fitted Cloth Diaper


Sized Pocket Diapers


  • Straight off the bay, what makes these diapers a must-have is that they have a waterproof outer layer.
  • This diaper allows for parents to insert an absorbent material in between the material of the diaper, which will help keep baby’s skin dry.
  • They have a snap closure for easy use
  • Made from high-quality material so that you can have the best for your baby.


  • None! Customers love these!! You know me, I like to give the good with the bad, but I could not find one single complaint about this diaper!!

Boulevarddesigns Pocket Diaper



If something happens to your cloth diaper, no worries, the owner offers diaper repairs for elastic, hoop and loop, and snap issues.



The website doesn’t just stick to cloth diapers, but they also offer a variety of babywearing accessories.

Wallypop Ring Slings


  • These make it possible to carry your baby without the use of those cumbersome harnesses.
  • These are easily adjustable slings that can be worn in multiple styles, depending on the age of the baby and the mother’s comfortability level.
  • They also will customize one suited to a mother’s needs if the regularly available ones do not work for her.

Wallypop Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

Meh Dai


  • These are convertible wraps that can be used until your child is ready to go off to preschool
  • They include pockets, which is every parents dream, hoods for rainy days, and toy loops to help keep mother’s arm free.
  • These are usually won across the back or the front.




  • This is simply known has a carrier, but without all the clips and buckles and loops.
  • They have different designs and are good for both Mom and Dad.
  • Can be either worn in front or in back.


The Takeway

For those who do not want to go the traditional route of disposable diapers, whether due to financial strains, health-reasons, or personal preference there are plenty of places that you can go to find the cloth diapers that are suitable for your family’s needs. Cloth diapers are economically friendlier than disposable

Wallypop is a great place for those who are looking for something outside the norm of what is expected of the cloth diaper world. It doesn’t even seem like your baby is wearing a cloth diaper when they are wearing one of these bad boys.

It can be tough for stay-at-home Moms to find a purpose in life outside of their children, so it’s nice to support those who are out there building a business for themselves.
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