What are Diaper Pods?

Sometimes it may feel like an uphill battle trying to find diaper accessories that work with cloth diapers. You might have tried to stuff them haphazardly into wet bags that were too small. Or the neatly prepared covers and inserts you preassembled in the morning ended up wrapped around your baby’s bottle once the daycare worker opened up the bag. You need a diaper pod.

Diaper pods are rectangular, prism-shaped bags that are specifically made to hold folded cloth diapers. They typically store 6 to 14 cloth diapers stacked next to each other. These pods are lined with polyurethane laminate to make them waterproof.

With all of the accessories out there, this may seem like another gimmick. Diaper pods, however, are game-changing.

What are diaper pods used for?

You’ve tried carrying multiple cloth diapers in your diaper bag. You become frustrated while digging through to find the “right” one to change your baby into. If this sounds familiar, this diaper pod is for you. Most diaper bags are made to accommodate disposable diapers. Their pockets and meshes are just the right sizes to stash the perfect amount for a day out. 

Cloth diapering parents usually have to find their own bags/ containers for their clean and dirty diapers. Many times, diaper-sized wet bags won’t fit all of your cloth diapers. Regular wet bags also allow your diapers to bounce around the bag. This is inconvenient if you want to keep your loose inserts and liners prepped into diaper covers. 

Diaper pods solve this problem by allowing you to store many cloth diapers in an organized way. Diaper pods are square, tubular bags that hold cloth diapers stacked next to each other. Imagine traveling with your whole cloth diaper drawer. Life. Changing. These pods are typically around 12” long and 7” high. This shape keeps your diapers folded and prepped while on the go.

These nifty bags feature one long zipper on the top, center, so you can see all of your folded diapers at once. Similar to wet bags, many diaper pods also have a PUL layer.

Diaper pods are great for any style of cloth diaper. However, they shine when paired with diapers that have loose layers. Parents who favor diaper covers, loose inserts, and liners will enjoy that they can prep their diapers ahead of time. Then they can easily access them when needed for a quick diaper change with a squirmy baby.

Do I need a diaper pod?

If you can put this on your wishlist, do it! Diaper pods are specifically made to store cloth diapers. Essentials are always debatable. Consider your lifestyle to know if this will be a good addition. Parents who mostly stay home with their children may not find as much use. If your diapers hardly leave the drawer or house, diaper pods may not make as much sense. Parents who frequently take their babies out or who have other caretakers could use these pods to keep their prepped diapers organized.

Wet Bag vs Diaper Pod

Wet bags are usually flat, rectangular, waterproof bags. They are excellent for keeping dirty diapers in. Wet bags can also hold clean diapers, but your clean diapers will shuffle around. 
Think of diaper pods as a clean diaper solution. Babies who go to daycare or grandma’s during the day could really benefit from these. Other caretakers who aren’t used to cloth diapering will find it much easier to pull out a fully prepped diaper if you use a cover with inserts. Diaper pods can hold a full day’s worth of clean diapers. You can use these in conjunction with wet bags to have a complete system of storing clean and dirty diapers. Grandma will thank you.

Diaper Bag vs Diaper Pod

Diaper pods can elevate your diaper bag game. Diaper pods can be added to larger diaper bags to keep your cloth diapers organized. Diaper bags don’t always have a place to stash multiple cloth diapers. Think of diaper pods as an accessory to retrofit your bag for cloth diapers.

Diaper Liner vs Diaper Pod

Diaper pods won’t be replacing your diaper pail liners at home. If on vacation or away from home, these PUL-lined diaper pods could also hold dirty diapers in a pinch. Diaper liners are used exclusively in diaper pails to replace garbage bags. Diaper pods are much smaller and are more of a mobile solution.

Where can I buy a diaper pod?

These practical new bags are begging to have space in your cloth diaper collection. They are new to the scene, so you are limited in where you can find them.

ELF diaper pod

For an overnight trip, the ELF diaper pods hold 10-14 cloth diapers. This diaper pod is long at 15 inches. These pods have a double layer of PUL. They can stand up to the dirtiest of diapers if needed. 

buttons pod

Check out the Buttons Pods for their multiple prints that will match any nursery. They are slightly smaller than the ELF diaper pods. The measurements are 12” x 7” x 6”. These work well for parents with smaller diaper bags or daytime use away from the house. Buttons Pods hold 7 one-size diapers.

greener odyssey diaper pod

Greener Odyssey Diaper Pods are for minimalist parents who want to hold a few diapers but crave solid colors. These pods come in attractive, bright solid colors. They are only 11” long for smaller diaper bags.

blueberry diaper pod

Blueberry cloth diapers are known for their luxurious quality. Snag one of their diaper pods to enjoy the same excellent quality. These stylish pods sport a variety of fun prints. They also clock in at 10” long. Perfect for little diaper bags. Blueberry diaper pods have a button closure handle to attach to any stroller or bag.

Closing Thoughts

Diaper pods are the latest advancement in cloth diapers. Cloth diapering can be an easy and fun experience for parents. Get ready to travel and run your errands efficiently (and cleanly). The right tools and accessories will enhance your routine and make it easy to hand off diapering responsibilities to babysitters and caretakers. Diaper pods are a versatile addition when building your stash.

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