What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloth Diapers?

Are you a new parent-to-be, and cloth diapering is new to you? Relax and let me walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of cloth diapering.

Since the advent of disposable diapers, mothers have found it convenient to disregard the benefits of using cloth diapers. Arguments are cloth diapers are too stressful to clean, it’s messy, and consumes a whole lot of time to change. Of course, it’s easy to follow the wave of disposable diapers. Still, the health and environmental benefits cloth diapers provide your child, especially in the absence of chemical substances, will always come first.

Dear mothers, there is no such thing as the perfect system. At the end of the day, you are supposed to do what makes you the most comfortable and satisfied. However, here are the advantages and disadvantages to cloth diapers that would hopefully help to withstand the “grossness” of it all.

Advantages of Cloth Diaper

Advantages of Cloth Diaper


These are some of the credible reasons why many parents have opted for cloth diapers time and again.

1.   It helps you save a lot

Cloth diapering is an economical choice for cutting costs in the long run. The modernized cloth diapers have been created to be more efficient and user friendly. These high-quality modern cloth diapers might cost a lot at first, but later, you will find out you won’t need to buy a new one until your baby doesn’t need one anymore. A plus is, if your cloth diaper is still in good condition, it can still be used for the next baby.

1.   Contains no Chemicals

You sure might end up with more laundries, but your baby will definitely have lesser exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation and extreme dryness. When using cloth diapers, irritations like diaper rashes and allergic reactions are less frequent.

2.   You help to save the environment

Did you know that using cold water in full loads and line drying has the lowest impact on the environment? With a cloth diaper, you as a parent have more control over the impact you make on the environment.

Disadvantages of Cloth Diaper

Some challenges come with using cloth diapers, and one must know before embracing it. Keep at the back of your mind that “strength doesn’t come from what you can do, but from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

1.   Lots of washing is needed

Yeah, a washing machine makes it easy, but it isn’t as simple as just tossing it in. It requires diligence and timely washing to keep them germ-free and clean.

2.   They are smelly

Cloth diapers are less absorbent, which means you can’t smear any kind-of cream on your child’s buttocks due to stink issues.  The baby will also need to be changed more often because cloth diapers do not have chemical absorbers.

3.   They are not so convenient

Cloth diapers require practice to be perfect at it. It’s also not convenient to travel because of the difficulty with the diaper bagging and a constant need for diaper changing rooms.


A major fear with parents that are just starting with cloth diapers is the inconvenience of going out and looking for changing rooms. Guess what? There are several methods to battling this obstacle. To find out more on this, check out this…

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